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Break Through the Fear: Building Confidence on YouTube ⚡️

Professor Valerie Pennington – better known on YouTube as The Penguin Prof – started creating videos for her students almost a decade ago. This April 29th, Valerie will be bringing her video creation expertise to our audience, and you can’t miss it!

Expect plenty of tips on when and where to record and what kind of equipment to invest in – and how to use the SRF Technique to help you overcome self-consciousness and self-criticism for good measure!

⏰  April 29, 4 PM EDT

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Recurring Webinars on Whiteboard Videos ⚡️

Videos have become extremely important in terms of visual communication. In combination with a digital whiteboard, an explainer video can be an extraordinary tool for enhancing and diversifying learning styles. Join us during our frequently hosted webinars dedicated to explainer videos and using the digital whiteboard. Incorporate flipped classrooms and apply different learning strategies during your classes with the help of Explain Everything Whiteboard.

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Recurring Webinars on Collaborative Whiteboarding ✨

Join us during our live session where we will discuss Explain Everything Whiteboard’s collaboration features. Working collaboratively with your students and colleagues makes the whole teaching and learning process way easier. It’s like being in the classroom all together, but from a distance.

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Recurring Webinars on Livecasting 👩🏼‍💻

Join us to learn how to broadcast your whiteboard using your favourite video conferencing apps. Prepare your presentations and lessons, and later share your entire Explain Everything screen via conferencing software.

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Past Webinars

🔵 On-demand: Better instruction for hybrid classes in Higher Education

Explore the challenges of live instruction in a higher education remote setting. Get the recording of the event dedicated to creating effective live instruction in hybrid school and college classes. This session was led by two practitioners and University Educators from the US and Europe. The webinar provides real examples from courses taught in hybrid school – discover these ready-made instructional projects that our guests conducted throughout the academic semester.

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Explain Everything in 2021: What’s coming? 🌟

Distance teaching and virtual meetings have become an inherent part of our lives in 2020. We have all incorporated technology into practically every aspect of our activities, trying to make the most of things. We’ve seen increased engagement in video lectures and collaborative sessions throughout the past year.

This time we want to share what we have learned, and what changes we plan to implement in 2021 to make your whiteboarding workflow even more effective and productive. Join our live session together with Piotr, our Head of Product, and Anastasia to learn more about upcoming news and platform improvements. 😊

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The power of live recording in a hybrid learning scenario ⚡️

Join us and find how live recording in Explain Everything can be used by teachers in hybrid learning. We are going to break a video example of a lesson from an Apple distinguished school in Germany into pieces and discuss the steps they follow.

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How to create interactive learning materials with Explain Everything and Genially 🎨

During the upcoming webinars on November 19th, expert and teacher Rosa Liarte will show how her Explainer videos can be applied to interactive images of Genially. We’re excited to see this “App Smash” in action!

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Explain Everything Certification Program 🥇

Explain Everything is opening a new growth opportunity for Educators and #edtech pioneers with a new Certification Program. Join the webinar and learn how to level up your skills to transform teaching and learning. In this session, we will cover the whole process and path of the course, all essential information, certification guidelines, and more. Stay tuned, and find out how to get your Explain Everything certificate that proves your whiteboarding skills. 

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Explain Everything & Showbie in tandem! 🔥

Learn to use Explain Everything Whiteboard and Showbie’s cloud-based communication solution together as assessment and feedback tools. Find out how you can leverage the capabilities of these two applications in distance teaching and learning.

This live session was presented by B.A. Gonczarek, co-founder of Explain Everything & Abdul Chohan CLO of Showbie. 

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Better Collaborations Live Q&A

Join our next live session where we will be discussing collaboration changes in Explain Everything platform. If you want to level up your remote teaching together with students, or colleagues you can’t miss it. We’re all very excited to teach you this and see how you put the new changes into action.

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Better Explainer Videos – Live Q&A with Bart and Cooper

Join our next Q&A live session regarding the new and exciting changes in Explain Everything. This time we will focus on the Camera feature. You’ll have a chance to ask anything that you want to know about creating videos and animations. Bart and Cooper will be there for you to show you everything!

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Platform changes. Q&A and hands-on experience. Let’s practice together!

We are more than happy to invite you to our upcoming Q&A and practice session, where we will be testing new platform changes. Our goal is to help you use these new solutions for better remote teaching workflow. Expect lots of fun and practical tips and tricks that will allow you to work with Explain Everything more efficiently than ever before.

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What’s new in Explain Everything? Platform changes

Join us to learn how these new powerful sets of features will change the way you run your remote classes. These changes aim to bring you more confidence and control over how you reach your audience, regardless if you’re online or off. You can’t miss it!

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Celebrating the success of remote teaching

With the school year drawing to a close, it’s time we met up to summarize what worked during this impromptu #remoteteaching experiment. See how teachers used Explain Everything when they couldn’t engage with students in the classroom…and how they managed to succeed, against all odds. See the statistics on what type of learning teachers preferred most when this pandemic surprised the world.

Listen to our experts, authors of books for teachers and find out what it takes to transform your teaching and meet the demands of the 21st century. You can’t miss it!

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The science of learning with a digital whiteboard

Of the countless ways of using a whiteboard for teaching, let’s look at those that are informed by science. During this webinar, we’ll show you ways to use Explain Everything that follow science-grounded guidelines and best practices.
– Learn how to leverage the whiteboard for teaching with research-supported methods.
– Look into the principles of multimedia e-learning materials and watch us demonstrate them on our whiteboard.

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Live Q&A with Explain Everything

Join us during our Explain Everything Q&A session, where we will be helping you deal with all of your challenges. This session has no specific agenda, so don’t hesitate to ask your craziest questions. We are here to help you with remote teaching and learning.

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Remote teaching that goes beyond (existing) limitations

Remote teaching and learning has very quickly become the reality for teachers around the world.  Together with our guests, we will discuss common challenges, share strategies for building your virtual classroom, and help you find focus.

We’ll exchange our experiences from teaching in the US, UK and EU on how to build scaffolding to take your online teaching to the next level.

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Live Q&A with Explain Everything

Remote teaching using existing technology is no longer a huge problem, it’s the future. Join us to keep up with the #edtech revolution. This time, we will be providing you with different scenarios to help your teaching stay engaging and active, even from a distance. Together with our guests, we will share with you a step-by-step guide covering all sorts of teaching practices, from the simple to the elaborate.

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Live Q&A with Explain Everything

Getting started with Explain Everything will be a whole lot easier if you have someone to ask! Join us during the second edition of our extended Q&A has no pre-planned agenda, meaning we can dive into what interests you most. So get your questions ready!

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Using Explain Everything on a Computer

Explain Everything is a tablet-first experience. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it on a standalone computer without a multitouch screen. During this session, we’ll be exploring all of the different ways you can use computers for whiteboarding and collaborative group projects. Moreover we will show you how to enhance your workflow when using both a tablet and a computer in tandem!

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Extended Q&A for Extended Trial Users

Getting started with Explain Everything will be a whole lot easier if you have someone to ask! On April 9th, we’ll be there for you waiting to answer your questions, address your concerns and point you to all of the dedicated resources we have created for you to use.

Our extended Q&A has no pre-planned agenda, meaning we can dive into what interests you most. So get your questions ready!

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Add Active Learning to your teaching practice

Active learning is often perceived as a radical change from traditional instructional delivery. During the webinar, we’ll show you how to engage your students in the learning process with meaningful learning activities. We’ll show you how to boost traditional activities (such as homework) to make them more engaging and thought-stimulating.

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We fool you not! 10 hours of livestream with Explain Everything

We are going to spend 10 hours on drinking coffee and answering your questions, live. Join us and let’s talk about Explain Everything and its use these remote learning times, though. Stay tuned — we’ll be posting the agenda soon.

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2nd Edition: Multi-purpose Use of Explain Everything on Chromebook for Teaching

This time we will be focussing on combining Explain Everything and Chromebooks in the classroom. Explore the power of video learning, provide feedback, creates notes and assignments with a collaborative whiteboard. Join us and spend more time teaching and less time managing technology.

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Advanced Explainers: Remote School. Learning and teaching from a distance.

Remote teaching creates huge opportunities for effective learning and collaboration, no matter where you are. Engage your students through online, real-time connection. Learn how to share whiteboard videos with anyone, how to broadcast live sessions and more. This webinar is dedicated to more advanced Explainers.

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Novice Explainers: Remote School. Learning and teaching from a distance.

Remote communication can be very helpful during temporary school closures. Join us and learn the basics of virtual communication and lesson management. Discover ready-made strategies that will help you quickly incorporate an interactive whiteboard into your remote school practices. This webinar is dedicated to novice Explain Everything users.

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Remote school. Learning and teaching from a distance.

Remote communication solutions can be helpful during temporary school closures to foster teacher-student connection and a sense of familiarity and continuity while many other areas of life are being disrupted and interrupted. Learn how to quickly use a whiteboard as a part of your remote school practices.

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Until we meet again. Remote whiteboarding tips.

We’d like to share some of our insights during the world’s largest, if somewhat unplanned, remote working experiment ever. In this webinar, we will present you with a powerful whiteboard you can use for design thinking, problem solving, or in any other situation where those creative juices need to be sourced remotely.

Recorded March 18, 2020

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Enhance your Online Meetings with Visuals

In this course, you’ll learn how to create and share memorable visual stories in an online meeting space sharing a digital whiteboard over any communicator of your choice. If you have ever felt misunderstood during a remote conversation, or limited in how you could communicate in an online meeting or training, this webinar is for you.

Recorded February 12, 2020

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Visually enhanced communication – Why & How?

Do you ever feel like exploring an unknown land during meetings or conversations? Just as cartography increased the speed and efficiency with which new lands could be identified and connected, modern visual tools can aid us in our search for understanding.

Recorded January 9, 2020

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Explain Everything 2020: Peek into the Future!

During the last webinar session in 2019, we’ll show you how most capable of an interactive whiteboard will soon become even more powerful and useful. Stay tuned and discover what will be rolled soon!

Recorded December 17, 2019

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Surprising ways to use the digital whiteboard to explain anything

Everyone likes good surprises, especially in December. That’s why, during this special moment, we plan to show you the most unexpected, surprising and useful things you can do with the whiteboard.

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Empower Your Students with Explain Everything and Google Classroom

In this webinar we’ll show how to combine the interactive whiteboard with Classroom so you can spend less time managing and more time teaching.

Recorded November 20, 2019

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Visualize Your Book Notes on a Whiteboard

A book report assignment or your own personal book notes? Make them into a visual with Explain Everything in your own unique way. Watch the webinar and learn how to create your book notes so you’re sure the right information is at your fingertips at all times.

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How to Create a GIF with an Interactive Whiteboard

Most of us use popular GIFs made by someone else. But why not create your own? Did you know creating your own GIF in Explain Everything is super easy? Watch this webinar and see how you can create your own animated GIFs in no time.

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Lesson Ideas

Watch the webinar to learn how to build lesson plan templates, create student-centered assignments and share dynamic video recordings.

Recorded on October 23rd

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Sketchnotes for meetings

Visual notetaking or sketchnoting is a process of representing ideas as images. Practicing visual notetaking can help teachers and learners better process information as well as communicate it to others. Watch the webinar and see how you can skyrocket your creativity with visual notes and Explain Everything.

Recorded on October 22

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Create Epic Explainer Videos

With Explain Everything you can go beyond a regular screencasting video. Join the webinar and see how you can leverage simple techniques to create stories, explainer videos, and animations.

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Collaborate and Learn the Basics of Explain Everything

Do you have any questions related to the Explain Everything whiteboard that you can’t find answers to? Do you have a lesson concept in mind and are not sure how to implement it? If so, this webinar is for you.

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Improve Your Classroom Using an Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboards are excellent teaching tools for a reason. And that reason is engagement. In this webinar we will show you why whiteboards increase knowledge retention and how you can tap into it using Explain Everything’s robust toolset.

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Engage Students with Visual Feedback webinar cover image


Engage Students with Visual Feedback

Gain insights into a student’s understanding of the subject and provide them with engaging visual feedback.

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Create Explainer Videos for your Classroom webinar cover image


Create Explainer Videos for Your Classroom

AU/NZ Sep 4, 2019 03:00 PM AESTUS & Europe Sep 5, 2019 12:30 PM EDT

Learn how to turn any static content into great looking movies that hammer home your point.

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Presenting with an interactive whiteboard webinar cover


Presenting with an Interactive Whiteboard

Reuse any digital materials, engage your students with the whiteboard in hand, extend your explanations on the fly, share recordings of your lessons, and learn how to teach your class with a flexible interactive tool.

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