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Partner Program

Be a part of a growing network that is reshaping the landscape of digital collaboration and education.
Together, we can create extraordinary experiences that inform, engage, and inspire.

Innovative Solutions
Leverage our cutting-edge digital whiteboard technology to augment your offerings.
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Gain access to a diverse and global user base, expanding your market presence.
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Work with us to co-create solutions that resonate with educators, professionals, and learners worldwide.

Meet our Strategic Partners

Google Partner
Explain Everything is proud to be a Google Education Partner! Our app is available on the Google Play Store to empower your school’s Google ecosystem and Chromebooks.
Take Explain Everything to the next level using the Logitech Crayon and Zone Learn Headsets in tandem with iPad devices and Explain Everything. See our recent case study at Mikołaj Rej High School to see these great products together in action!
Explain Everything is thrilled to be apart of the Showbie Complete package offering, complimenting the Showbie and Socrative solution. Learn more about how Expalin Everything supports schools through the DNA of Learning here.
Explain Everything is honored to be apart of the Knotion learning experience by offering our teacher and students in LATAM an easy way to record videos, create projects and share their leanring moments!
Jamf is one of the most popular Mobile Device Management systems in the world – and for good reason! Together, both our software make a truly powerful classroom duo that gives teachers more control and students the tools to be as creative as they like.
Explain Everything is perfectly equipped to work on your favorite tablet devices, including Wacom!

Technology Partners

Want to add 3D elements to your lesson? Use your Sktechfab account within in Explain Everything to quickly incorporate striking images that will bring your lesson to life.
one drive
Explain Everything easily lets you upload your favortie files into the whiteboard to help you reuse and reimagine your lesson with addiotnal tools and features.
GIPHY is a popular online database of animated GIFs that can be used to add fun and engaging elements to your lessons within Explain Everything. As part of the Explain Everything integration with GIPHY, you can search for and add your favorite GIFs to your canvas.
Unsplash is a photo library ntegrated with Explain Everything to add high-resolution, community-made images to your canvas. Use this feature to make your projects more visually appealing and engaging by adding relevant images to your content.