Explain Everything and Showbie

Showbie & Explain Everything: a Powerful Duo 🔥

Do you use Showbie? How would you like to share engaging whiteboard videos and collaborative assignments with your Showbie class with just a couple of clicks? Nobody could explain how to do this better than Abdul Chohan, VP of Learning at Showbie, and Dr Bart Gonczarek, co-founder of Explain Everything. And they’ve teamed up to do just that!

Join Abdul and Bart for this training session and learn to:

✔️ Record and share simple explainer videos with your class 

✔️ Create and share collaborative projects for students to work together on

✔️ Add slides, PDFs, and other educational materials to your whiteboard

✔️ Give audio feedback on your students’ work in moments

✔️ Maximize engagement in your hybrid classes with colorful, dynamic materials

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Featured Speakers:

Abdul Chohan

CLO of Showbie

Dr. Bartosz Gonczarek

Co-founder of Explain Everything