18 Months into Hybrid Learning – Lessons for Effective Foreign Language Teaching

Darren Lester is a teacher of both classical and modern languages at Wycliffe College in Gloucestershire, England, where he helps his students learn French, Chinese and Latin. And that’s not all – he offers courses in German and Japanese, too. Aside from teaching, Darren has also published numerous pieces on classical myth and the Latin language, as well as a distance learning Latin course. 

🚀 Webinar: “18 Months into Hybrid Learning – Lessons for Effective Foreign Language Teaching”

During his 14-year teaching career, Darren has experimented with various ways of presenting linguistic concepts in foreign languages and keeping his students engaged. That led him to discover Explain Everything, and he started using it regularly in 2014. Now, he’s here to share his thoughts on teaching languages using technology with all of us. 

Tech and language arts may seem very different, but Darren is here to bridge the gap between Latin and laptops! During our upcoming webinar, he will touch on the power of:

✅  tailored explainer videos
✅  authentic, target language content from YouTube
✅  and online tests and quizzes
✅  in the language learning process. 

If you are a teacher wondering how to take advantage of all tech has to offer the modern classroom – even when teaching something as ancient as languages – this webinar is for you. Together with Darren, we will help you make the most of your lesson time, no matter whether it’s in the classroom, remotely, or anywhere in between!

Featured Speakers:

Darren Lester

Teacher of both classical and modern languages

Anastasia Procner

Online Instruction Specialist