hybrid learning with Darren Lester

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Can something as ancient as languages be taught using 21st century technology? Darren Lester is a multilingual classical and modern language teacher from Gloucestershire, England. He is also incredibly enthusiastic about all the possibilities edtech can bring to the classroom. Learning Latin or Japanese can seem tricky, but Darren has a few simple ways to make things easier for both teacher and students. And he wants to share them with you!

Check out Anastasia’s interview with Darren and find out how he uses Explain Everything Whiteboard to:

βœ… Engage his students with foreign language storytelling.

βœ… Create short, digestible video explanations of grammatical concepts.

βœ… Give effective verbal feedback on writing tasks in no time.

Watch the webinar and get inspired!πŸš€


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Darren Lester

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