Explain Everything & Apple
– better together 🎉

Our one-stop recordable digital whiteboard leverages all key iOS capabilities.
Teach engaging lessons and collaborate in real-time and asynchronously,
no matter the distance.

The magic of Explain Everything on iPad

The versatility of Explain Everything Whiteboard has made it the main teaching tool
of millions of educators across the globe. Get a little taste of why by signing up for a dedicated demo.


Utilize the full power of your iPad

Explain Everything Whiteboard was originally created as an iPadOS app.
Over a decade later, that’s still where our app shines most.
Some iPad-exclusive feature teachers love include:

Drag & Drop with Split-Screen

Bring media from anywhere on the web to your canvas in moments.

3D objects

Use Sketchfab to show your students things from every point of view.

SharePlay on FaceTime calls

Brainstorm and work together from anywhere at the tap of a button.

Seamless screen mirroring

Live broadcast to any in-class screen to keep everyone on the same page.

Infinite canvas space

Take full advantage of the power of your iPad with our infinite canvas.

Millions of free images

Use Unsplash for high-resolution, community-made images, free.

Teaching templates ready to be used 🚀

Save your time on teaching materials prep. Use our free templates for teaching,
and teach the way you like.

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