Digital whiteboard app for any platform

Draw, present, animate, create videos and collaborate. Explain Everything is a feature-rich powerhouse that works on virtually any device and is so easy a child could use it.


Digital whiteboard magic for any scenario

Mix a whiteboard with multimedia animation software, stir in some online collaboration, and poof!Explain Everything!

Everything’s interactive

Go beyond the limitations of a physical whiteboard. Everything you add to your whiteboard canvas is easy to move, animate, and interact with — no matter whether it’s a video, document, or audio file.

Screencast it

Record what happens on the whiteboard and add your own narration. Then, share it as a video in no time.

Invite others and make it a collaborative whiteboard

When words or even videos just aren’t cutting it, invite someone to your whiteboard and personalize your message so it’s crystal clear.

🎥 Take the video tour

Whiteboard app for iPad, Chromebook, Android tablet, and web browser.

Explain Everything Whiteboard app is available on all mobile platforms and Chromebooks.

Geometrical figures displayed in Explain Everything

Get the full experience on your iPad, Chromebook, favourite tablet, or in your browser.

Whiteboard drawings as you want them

Whether you just want to annotate a document, sketch something out real quick, or create a humongous, complex visual note, Explain Everything has your back.

Complete color control

Access the full palette of colors with the opacity setting. Get a color from your canvas with the Eyedropper or enter its HEX or RGB code. Keep your color set in 4 pickers for super fast access.

Pens, highlighters, pencils, and buckets full of color

The Draw Tool comes in two forms: Pen and Pencil. Switch to Highlighter for automatic opacity. Two fill modes help you create colorful sketches quickly and easily.

Mix, match, and rearrange

Move, scale and rotate your drawings however you like. Control the order of layers and groups of drawings precisely using the Inspector.

Boundless drawing board

You never run out of drawing space in Explain Everything. Simply Zoom out to add more.

Sketchnoting in Explain Everything

Full color palette with opacity setting, Eyedropper, and HEX/RGB color selection.

4 separate color pickers for quick access.

Separate color settings for Stroke and Fill.

Close a drawing and fill it with color using a single button.

Move, scale, and rotate your drawings with ease.

Full control over the order of layers.

Infinite canvas.

Media-powered interactive whiteboard software

Reuse and add any kind of media. Explain Everything supports a wide range of file types for you to use and interact with.

Images and photos

Take a quick photo and add it to the canvas, or select one from your device or cloud. Use the editor to crop the image or remove colors.

Ready image libraries

No images? No problem. Grab one from the Clipart library or Unsplash and use them however you like.

Presentations, documents, and spreadsheets

You don’t have to say goodbye to your documents when working on the whiteboard. Import and reuse them in a live visual setting.

Videos and audio

Play, watch, listen, scrub, rewind, and loop. Everything you used to be able to do with video or audio you can now do on a whiteboard. Plus, you can annotate over it and mix it with other media, too!

Surprising Ways to Use a Whiteboard

Built-in image editor for cropping and color removal.

Integration with the Unsplash photo library full of beautiful, royalty-free pictures.

Customizable Clipart library with dozens of ready-to-use images.

Support for almost every document file type.

5 document import layout options.

Interactive audio and video files with scrubber, looping, and volume controls.

One stop for all your whiteboard animation needs

Explain Everything records your voice and all that you do on the canvas,and then exports it as a video in no time.

Record everything intuitively

Hit record and start drawing and moving stuff around. All draw strokes and movement as well as your voice will be captured on the Timeline.

Edit your recording, fast

Trim, cut, redo, insert, and add layers of recording. No editing downtime — our custom animation engine makes it all happen in real-time.

Render your video in the cloud

You don’t have to burden your device with video rendering anymore. Send your project to the cloud so it can do all that heavy lifting for you.

Video: Create epic explainer videos

WYSIWYG animation recording. Explain Everything captures everything that happens on the screen with a unique engine.

Instant editing. Split, trim, cut, delete, compact, smooth out movement, and see the result immediately.

3 Recording modes: Overwrite to redo, Mix to layer additional recordings, Insert to expand recording at a certain timestamp.

Your videos can be rendered and hosted in the Explain Drive cloud, saving you storage and time.

Web Video links can include the project file they were based on for download.

Create, work, and draw together on a collaborative whiteboard app

Invite anyone to your canvas to brainstorm, lecture, present, or just doodle. Work together no matter whether you’re in a conference room, classroom, or on the other side of the globe.

Collaborate in real-time or work asynchronously

Open your canvas for an immediate whiteboarding session or share it as an ongoing project for anytime access.

Easy sharing with links or CODEs

Invite people with a web link or unique access CODE. They don’t have to own the app if you’re in the project.

Built-in voice chat

Talk over the visuals with your students or your remote team. No need for external video conferencing software.

Whiteboarding tips for creative group thinking

Collaborate on any device. Even with folks who don’t have Explain Everything.

All creative collaboration tools are available when working together.

Record your collaborative whiteboarding sessions and share them as videos.

Create as many videos for your project as you like. Each project can have multiple web video links.

Infinite canvas for infinite ideas

Zoom in and out to add as much space as you need or explore content in detail. Control the camera when recording to create dynamic videos.

Zoom out to expand your workspace

You never run out of space with Explain Everything. Since you can move and scale anything that’s already on your canvas, you’re always ready for new ideas.

Explore the content on your own

Every participant can have their own perspective during a session. Personal Zoom view lets you move around the canvas with ease.

Move the camera where you need it

Zoom takes care of the camera frame control. Pan around for surprising reveals or just to see the big picture.

Move around the canvas

Nearly infinite zoom level and workspace area.

Use Zoom to control the recording frame.

Personal zoom levels in collaboration that can be taken over by the project’s owner.

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