Paul Tullock Anastasia Procner webinar

Learning Ownership Across the (White)Board

Yoga lessons with a digital whiteboard? How about science experiments? Or poetry written in…voice? Paul Tullock is a teacher-turned-professional development consultant at Jigsaw 24. As a child, Paul struggled with school, and today he is determined to make teaching and learning easier for everyone. Prepare to be impressed by his innovative approach to teaching any and every subject!

“The beauty of Explain Everything Whiteboard is that when you hit the record button, you can explain and demonstrate anything you’re thinking and the understanding behind it.”

Anastasia’s interview with Paul is chock-full of his creative ideas for using tech in the classroom. 

Check it out to see how Paul uses Explain Everything Whiteboard to: 

✅ Encourage learning ownership and engagement in any subject.

✅ Overcome learning impediments such as dyslexia. 

✅ Adapt assignments to his students’ strengths and learning styles.

Watch the full conversation and get inspired! ✨


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