Getting creative with technology across curriculum

Paul Tullock is a UK-based Apple Distinguished Educator (2017), Apple Professional Learning Specialist and Professional Development Consultant. For over a decade, Paul taught a range of subjects – especially computing – at primary school. Currently, he works at Jigsaw24, a UK-based IT solutions provider, where he helps educators through the process of introducing technology into their schools. 

Webinar: Getting Creative with Technology Across Curriculum

If there’s anyone out there who still believes technology’s uses in the classroom are at all limited, Paul is here to clear that up! Having worked across all phases of primary school in the UK, Paul has used Explain Everything Whiteboard countless ways to support students in their learning of virtually every subject… and make the curriculum more engaging, fun and accessible in the process! 

  • The basics of handwriting? ✅
  • Simple to complex math problems? ✅
  • Demonstrating scientific concepts? ✅
  • P.E. (Yes, that stands for physical education!)? ✅

Whiteboarding has also proved incredibly useful when teaching students with dyslexia or other learning difficulties. And even educating teachers on using technology in their classrooms, too!

Together with Paul, we here at Explain Everything aim to help you utilize the power of technology to make the most of your lesson time, no matter whether you’re still remote, back in the classroom, or somewhere on the hybrid spectrum.

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