Penguin Prof webinar

Break Through the Fear: Building Confidence on YouTube ⚡️

Getting in front of a camera is nerve-racking, right? Valerie Pennington, better known as The Penguin Prof, has been making explainer videos for her students for years and she knows how stressful it can be to get started. But hybrid learning is here to stay, so why not take this opportunity to get more comfortable with it? Valerie has over a decade of experience on YouTube and she is more than happy to help!

“S is for struggle, R is for release, but the real magic happens in phase three: F is for flow.”

– Valerie Pennington

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Things you will learn:

Utilize the SRF technique to relax and find your voice.

Get constructive feedback and use it to get better.

Leverage the power of video in your flipped classroom.

Explain complex biological concepts in an eye-catching, colorful way.

Featured Speakers:

Valerie Pennington

Biology professor at Southwestern College. YouTuber at The Penguin Prof.

Anastasia Procner

Online Instruction Specialist, Host