Break Through the Fear: Building Confidence on YouTube ⚡️

Not everyone is born a YouTuber, but it’s never too late to learn! With so many educators the world over suddenly needing to go online, there’s never been a better time to get over any stage fright you might have and learn to make great explainer videos your students will love. And have fun doing it! 😊

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🎉 Special guest

Professor Valerie Pennington – better known on YouTube as The Penguin Prof – started creating videos for her students almost a decade ago. This April 29th, Valerie will be bringing her video creation expertise to our audience, and you can’t miss it! Be sure to join us to find out Valerie’s tried and tested ways to feel comfortable in front of the camera and get your message across clearly. Expect plenty of tips on when and where to record and what kind of equipment to invest in – and how to use the SRF Technique to help you overcome self-consciousness and self-criticism for good measure!

Things you will learn:

Practical tips to make your first recordings positive experiences.

How to choose the right mic.

Learn how to speak to your students.

How to use the SRF Technique to keep self-criticism constructive.

Level up your digital literacy and remote teaching skills.

Featured Speakers:

Valerie Pennington

Biology professor at Southwestern College. YouTuber at The Penguin Prof.

Anastasia Procner

Host, Online Instruction Specialist.