Khan Academy Wacom Explain Everything webinar

Create videos like Sal Khan himself

Explain Everything and Wacom are excited to invite you to the upcoming special webinar: Create videos like Sal Khan himself. Together with our invited speakers, we will be supporting you with lots of useful tips on recording explainer videos. 

Video has become an integral part of education, and is especially popular in the blended learning model alongside more traditional lessons. Quick explainer videos, tutorials and instructional videos are extremely helpful to the process of digesting new concepts. Studies also show that video materials enhance students’ engagement and creativity. This special session aims to teach you how to create effective videos both for your students and your own personal use. 

Together with our guests, we will be presenting simple techniques and easy ways to start recording amazing videos using different solutions. Whether you’re back in the classroom or still teaching remotely, this is a great chance to learn something new! 

Featured Speakers:

Stacey Roshan

Director of Innovation & Educational Technology at Bullis School and author of Tech with Heart.

Faik Karaoglu

Executive VP Branded Business, leads Wacom’s effort to help schools and universities keep up with the pace of change.

Reshan Richards

CEO and Co-founder of Explain Everything. Reshan has an Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Media from Columbia University, an Ed.M in Learning and Teaching from Harvard University.