Create Your Best Explainer Videos

Whether a live video or animation, Explain Everything has you covered for all your Explainer Video needs.

Every tool you need for video presentations, right at your fingertips.

Explain Everything’s robust toolset gives you everything you need to make great looking video presentations that hammer home your point.

Draw what’s on your mind.

Eliminate the feeling of being limited. Visualize your ideas any way you like with Explain Everything’s drawing toolset.

Insert (almost) anything.

Don’t leave something up to your audience’s imagination. Use all kinds of materials to highlight your ideas.

Videos galore.

Audience getting lost? Add an explanation video featuring your smiling face so your message is found.

“Explain Everything lets you turn your static content into an animated movie that you can export to Youtube or make available under a link in no time.”

Turn your static presentation into a video

Whiteboard explainer videos made easy

Bring your videos to life in a flexible and interactive environment! Explain Everything’s infinite canvas and recording tools make creating whiteboard explainer videos a breeze.

Infinite space for infinite ideas

Zoom in and out on the infinite canvas and never run out of room.

Don’t wait, annotate!

Annotate over everything you have inserted onto your canvas, even other videos!

All-in-one recording & editing

No additional software necessary! Record your movements, annotations, and voice, and then make edits using the timeline, all right inside of Explain Everything.

“Video has become the new mainstay for communicating ideas and concepts, and with Explain Everything, your digital whiteboard can be a communication portal — a new way to create, extend, and replay whiteboard sessions to audiences near and far.”

Ben Kobulnicky

Go Big or Go Home: The Advantages of Audio/Visual Whiteboard Presentations

Quickly get your classroom videos to your students

Easily getting your video creations in front of your audience can sometimes be a big question mark. Never fear, Explain Everything makes that process simple.

Watch and learn

Share the videos to your students with a Web Video link and they can watch it anywhere, anytime.

Speedy cloud video conversion

Save time by sharing your projects using Web Video Links. This converts your projects in the cloud and gets it in front of your audience fast!

Hands-on learning

Your students can download your videos as an Explain Everything project and then take notes, remix it, or share their feedback with you.

“Sharing your work can sometimes be almost as challenging as actually doing it! Explain Everything has simple export options that allow you the flexibility to share your projects how you want, when you want.”

Share Your Projects Instantly With Anyone

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