The Explain Everything Certification Course

With the Explain Everything Certification Program, you can make your whiteboard proficiency official.

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How does the Certification Program work?

Watch this short introduction to find out about all three levels and how the course works. It’s as simple as watching a couple of instructional videos and taking some quizzes! The course is available entirely for free!

Be an expert on the best whiteboard app for teaching

The Explain Everything Certification Course Program is for everyone, especially teachers, tutors, presenters and coaches! You can up your tech and digital skills and improve your remote and hybrid classroom experience. Choose your own path and benefits!

⭐ Get an officially-issued Everything Everything certification of your whiteboarding and teaching skills!

⭐ Gain a greater knowledge and confidence in using the digital whiteboard at every level!

⭐ Become an expert on whiteboarding in any teaching model!

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Three levels, choose the one right for you

Explainer mastering Basics

New to Explain Everything Whiteboard? Level 1 is for you. Complete this course to learn how to use Explain Everything to support remote lessons, meetings and communication in general.

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Advanced Explainer

Ready for the nitty-gritty? Level 2 lets you choose an area to specialize in – video lessons, broadcasting your live presentation, or collaborative whiteboarding. Better yet, completing it makes you a Certified Explain Everything Teacher.

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Explaining Expert πŸš€

Do you have what it takes to be an expert? If you’ve completed levels 1 and 2 but you’re still hungry for more, go deeper in Level 3. This also opens up the possibility for you to become an Explain Everything Ambassador! Does that sound like a cool opportunity?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the certification course cost?

The first two levels of the Explain Everything certification Course are absolutely free! What’s more, people who complete Level 3: Expert, and then go on to become Ambassadors can actually make money helping us spread the word about our app.

Is the certificate valid forever?

We’re constantly working to improve our software, and that means things change over time. That’s why our certificates are valid for 2 years. Then you can come back and learn about all the new features!

Is there a test to pass?

Every level of the Explain everything Certification Course ends with an evaluation of what you’ve learned. Level 1 has a test, Level 2 requires course participants to send us a project they created for evaluation, and Level 3 is so out there that its completion is assessed on an individual basis.

Is the certification course only for teachers?

Absolutely not! A lot of teachers have been using our app for remote teaching, but Explain Everything Whiteboard is perfect for communicating during remote meetings and giving presentations over distance, too.