Deployment 🔐

Easily go through the process of deployment of Explain Everything
in your school or institution. Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.

Getting started with the Admin Console

The first step of a group subscription is to assign someone the role of Group Administrator. This person becomes the owner of the account and is responsible for deploying and managing both teacher and student licenses, watch how to go through the process.

Join groups automatically with a whitelisted domain

For school or district-wide deployments, we want to make joining a group as seamless as possible. With a whitelisted domain, anyone who creates a new account with the school domain will be added to the subscription with no other steps needed, see how.


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Invite users by copying and pasting a list

Explain Everything gives you many options when it comes to inviting users. One of the easiest options is copying and pasting their emails. We usually recommend it for smaller groups. Let’s see how it works.


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Invite users by uploading a CSV file

To import a CSV list of emails to invite people, all you need is a CSV file and your Admin account. If you don’t have the file yet, you can download a template linked in the description. Sign in to your Admin account and do it yourself.


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More resources 🚀

There are many different ways to deploy licenses. We’ve described our
most popular options – to see the full list, head to our Help Center.