October 8th, 2020 by Anastasia Procner

The Explain Everything Certification Course is here!

The first level of our brand new, 100% free Explain Everything Certification course is complete and ready for you to get started on. 

You asked, we listened

Over the past few months, teachers from all over the world have been inquiring about how to obtain an Explain Everything certificate. Today, we’re proud to announce we’ve completed Level 1 of our first ever certification program, available here

And two more — Advanced and Expert — are coming right up! 

So, what will you learn from our Level 1 Explainer course?

Made up of a series of seven videos you can watch at your own pace, the Level 1 course is all about getting to know the three basic Explain Everything Whiteboard scenarios teachers can use in their classrooms. There is also one bonus scenario for the especially adventurous! 

Three levels of certification course will make you know all about:

  1. Creating engaging explainer videos tailored to the needs of specific groups of students.
    👉🏾 See this amazing example of a whiteboard video on Twitter
  2. Conducting engaging whiteboard livecasts both in the classroom and remotely.
    👉🏾 Start broadcasting your whiteboard with these tips
  3. Leading interactive real-time collaborations with up to 20 participants on the canvas.
    👉🏾 Watch the video about collaborative whiteboard
  4. Giving uniquely insightful and targeted video feedback on students’ work.
    👉🏾 See how you can give feedback with Explain Everything

The course also includes a detailed chapter on our Central Admin Controls panel and the various deployment options available to our users. The information it contains will allow you to choose the subscription plan best suited to you, your school’s or your school district’s needs, as well as answer any questions parents may have about privacy and security. 

Do you want to get to know the Explain Everything app better? Gain more confidence in your whiteboarding skills? Stand out as an edtech expert in your school? Or perhaps just put your knowledge to the test (yes, there is a test at the end of the course!)? Whatever your motivation, if you use and enjoy Explain Everything Whiteboard, this certification course is for you. 

Want to learn more? Check out the webinar! ⤵️