January 13th, 2020 by Angélique Toque

📣 8 Surprising Ways to Use the Digital Whiteboard to Explain Anything

Surprising Ways to Use the Digital Whiteboard

The education system has experienced extreme changes in countless areas over the past few years. We are witnessing a major shift in the model of teaching. Being inspired by the advanced solutions and technologies popping up around the globe, together we can have a vast impact on the future of education. 

Many people are familiar with the interactive whiteboard as a tool used to draw or present something, but there is a deeper meaning hidden under all the myths and stereotypes. Today, we would like to go above and beyond by showing you some surprising ways to use a digital whiteboard in the classroom. 

Collaborative Game of Chess

If your goal is to enhance cooperative learning and communication in the classroom, you can easily create a project and play… chess with your students. Think that’s impossible? You better check it out!

Dice Simulator 

Explain Everything provides flexibility to teachers while teaching, and that means students can practice participation through varied resources. Promote conceptual understanding and enhance motivation among learners with competitive assignments!

Working Clock

Teach your students how to tell time with this interactive clock, where they can learn about hours and minutes from its movable hands. Create your clock in a minute flat, then feel free to change the colors, background and animation to make the lesson engaging and interesting.

Tangram Puzzles

Puzzles can be beneficial in the classroom to develop some skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. Make all that possible by creating your tangram puzzles. The only thing limiting you is your own creativity, Explain Everything takes care of the rest! 

Animated illustrations

Studies show that K-12 students will relate to animated characters and stories better than to dry, theoretical information. No surprise there! Identifying with such characters helps in learning empathy and social skills, too. Animation itself works as a multi-sensory tool that allows information to be conveyed faster and more effectively. Let us present you with some extraordinary examples of this highly effective technique! 

  • Diablo Winds 
  • Trade Winds 

Orbital Periods

Dynamic Visual Lectures

Studies have shown that incorporating technology into the classroom enhances both teacher performance and student engagement. Learning with an interactive whiteboard develops autonomous learning, self-competence and  the student-teacher dynamic during classroom lessons. 

Explain Everything’s wide set of tools and features means it can be used for preparing lessons, delivering those lessons, creating interactive resources, and finally collaboratively sharing those resources within teacher communities.

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