October 20th, 2019 by Explain Everything Team

Sketchnotes for Meetings with Reshan Richards

sketchnoting with Reshan Richards

Dr. Reshan Richards is an educator, researcher, and entrepreneur. His latest book, Make Yourself Clear: How to use a Teaching Mindset to Listen, Understand, Explain Everything, and Be Understood explores the many parallels between teaching and business.

Whether he’s on a partner call, called into an internal meeting, documenting a graduate school discussion, or listening to a keynote address, Reshan uses sketchnotes to visualize his experience.

Here is how Reshan sketchnotes with Explain Everything:

  • Take visual notes during meetings.
  • Share the notes with all participants immediately after the meeting.
  • Use video clips to reconnect with absentees.

Reshan’s Approach to Visual Note Taking

“A visual record is one way to enrich a meeting experience.”

In this interview, Reshan shares how he thinks visual communication is a way to foster better understanding and technologies that allow multiple modes of expression.

Reshan’s Sketchnoting Tips

Here are a few suggestions from Reshan for how to make your sketchnoting fast and effective during your next meeting or brainstorm.

  • Draw or add media as separate objects. Use Complete Drawing when you’re done drawing a sketchnote. Rearrange them as needed with the Hand Tool later.
  • Use Custom Clipart to store your favorite symbols or drawings and access them quickly with just a few taps when needed.
  • Record your process of notetaking. Speed up the playback later to make a GIF summary.
  • Share your notes (with your comments) as a video accessible by others through a Web Video Link.

Start visual note taking with Reshan’s projects

Browse through the visual notes and structures that Reshan uses. Save the ones that you like to your Clipart Library so that you can use them on your own!

Reshan’s interview on Greg Voisen’s Podcast

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Michelle Cordy @ ISTE 2016

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Austin Kleon’s Keynote

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More from Reshan

Reshan is the Director of Studies at New Canaan Country School and also teaches at Teachers College, Columbia University and the Columbia University School of Professional Studies. He’s also one of the co-founders of Explain Everything! 

Learn more about Reshan and his latest book “Make Yourself Clear