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For the business consultant, nomad English teacher, science vlogger, or private math tutor. Explain Everything Whiteboard is here to work on your conditions. Online or in-house. On any device.

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Dive into the teaching tool potential of Explain Everything

It’s a great tool for both online and home tutoring. A digital whiteboard any teacher can create on. It lets you do tutoring sessions anywhere, too.


Any device will work for either home or online tutoring. Try the whiteboard application for iOS or Android and Chromebooks, or simply use it in a browser on your desktop. Present your lesson online or in-house. Be the captain of your own ship.

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It’s never been easier to create presentations, interactive assignments or tutorials that engage students. Add any media. Animate all of the content on the canvas and record your voice-over. Express yourself with so much more than words.

Turn your static presentation into a video


Distance? Not an obstacle. Invite up to 8 people to cooperate on an infinite canvas and multiple slides. Use voice chat to stay on the same page with everyone at all times. Record the tutoring session for later. Don’t be limited, ever.

Remote whiteboarding tips for creative group thinking

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A tutor app that breaks down all the barriers between you and your student

Join a circle where knowledge flows freely. Finally, you can truly understand another person’s way of thinking. Explain Everything enhances students’ learning by meeting their specific needs. They can easily participate in a lesson, come back to it any time they need or simply draw up their comprehension process for the tutor to see. Get to know what engages students and adjust your explanation methods accordingly.

Uninterrupted flow between student and teacher

Modernize your online tutoring with the digital whiteboard

No advanced technical skills or knowledge needed. Improve your students’ engagement and understanding with some surprisingly simple tricks.

Dare to share

Invite CODES make things super fast and easy. All you need to do is to share them for everyone to be able to participate in a project. Even non-registered users. On any device.

Move with your moves

Animate anything and then present recordings in the blink of an eye. Granted, you can upload a video to any platform, but it’s both easiest and quickest to share it directly via Web Video Link. No in-app conversion.

Win with versatility

It’s all within the app. Draw, write, edit, annotate, attach, animate, record, explain, screencast and collaborate! It’s so complementary, you won’t need to run any other app.

Learn how Baims digitized their materials

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“Explain Everything is like Powerpoint meets a whiteboard, and not only can you record your drawings and notes in real-time but students can then take their own screenshots based on what information seems to resonate with them. No longer do you need to tailor each lecture for each student when they can do it themselves!”

Ashley Coblentz

“I use Explain Everything everyday with my Tutoring! I love how Explain Everything allows me to virtually tutor students at any time of the day and we can both be engaged with math work “together” rather than only one side doing all the work! I also love that I can get a fresh slide with just one click and my previous work is saved as well as my lessons are saved after I finish my session!”

Becki Smedley, M.Ed

“It’s a wonderful product to interact with your clients and colleagues when you are not available at same place you can do trainings, discuss the business agendas and lots more using it’s whiteboard and rich media content.”

Manu A, Digital Marketing Specialist

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