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My name is Salman Al-Mutawa and I’m Chief Operating Officer at Online Tutoring Platform – Baims, a platform where tutors share explanation videos to support educating students. We provide lessons in Arabic so it’s easier for students to learn in higher education, where the main language is English. The platform is widely used in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


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" We started looking for a way to digitize the materials and give access to them to a broader group of people." - Salman Al-Mutawa


The Need for a Tutor

Children in primary and secondary school are taught using the Arabic language. Once they go to university, the official teaching language of classes is English. This transformation is a big challenge for many students and it forces them to begin searching for a tutor. The tutoring market is largely unregulated, as a result, it is hard for parents and students to find top-quality instructors. Also, the best instructors tend to have very busy schedules and can’t handle the number of students requesting their services anymore.

In February 2020 when due to covid-19 people had to stay home, the education sector in Kuwait stopped for over 6 months. We keep up with our core value, to upgrade the entire online community. At Baims, we showed our tutors how to use mobile technology so they can share knowledge with others.


Digitizing Materials and Increasing Access to Them

At the time of creating the company, Baims co-founders: Yousef Alhusaini and Bader Alrasheed, were college students. Their goal was to record and share the entire curriculum tailored to a university syllabus. They started out with a simple website focused only on the College of Engineering courses. The first three courses were Physics 101, Calculus 1, and Chemistry 101. The launch went very well, as the company broke even within 24 hours and became profitable instantly. The first courses were shot in a recording studio set up, but as Baims started scaling up within Kuwait and the region, it became increasingly difficult to set up studios everywhere, so they shifted to using Explain Everything Whiteboard and it has since become their tool of choice.

Why Explain Everything?

Thanks to Explain Everything our tutors can work from anywhere and aren’t limited to one recording studio. The ability to create video lessons and to provide them seamlessly to students makes teaching possible even if we can’t meet in person. Any tutor can also record their materials however is best and convenient for them. We are constantly teaching and exchanging understanding with Explain Everything!


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" Nowadays, the company works with over 100 tutors who record their explanation videos in Explain Everything. The videos are watched daily by over 9 thousand students. " - Salman Al-Mutawa

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