Explain Everything is used by teachers, students,
leaders, and learners all over the world.

Teachers and Students worldwide use Explain Everything in the classroom
Teachers can flip the class and prepare materials before the class

Teachers use Explain Everything for creating videos and
interactive experiences for students. They both prepare
materials in advance and start from a blank canvas.

Videos and other content created with Explain Everything
capture both the process and product of a learning
experience. Students create tutorials, animated stories,
presentations and more, sharing ideas while becoming
“teachers” themselves.

Students can become the teachers themselves with Explain Everything
Use a variety of export sources including the Discover cloud portal

Explain Everything was designed to fit with any teaching
and learning environment. It has a variety of import and
export destinations such as Google Apps for Education,
iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Explain
Everything’s own content portal, Explain Everything

Examples of projects shared by teachers and students

Cover of ocean art project

Live Instruction

Quick Captures with Explain Everything

Quick Captures


Creating Project Activity Templates

Explain Everything Science Projects

Video-Based Instruction


Working with Templates


Animations and Media Projects


We work with educators and leaders

This group of talented individuals provides feedback and guidance as we develop our apps and advance
the Explain Everything mission. With the help of this participation, we better understand the challenging
educational landscape while positioning ourselves at the leading edge of software development for
teachers and learners everywhere.

Explain Everything Advisor

Tony Vincent

Explain Everything Advisor Victoria Olson

Victoria Olson

Explain Everything Advisor Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton

Explain Everything Advisor Michelle Cordy

Michelle Cordy

Explain Everything advisor Kristi Meeuwse

Kristi Meeuwse

Explain Everything Advisor Jennie Magiera

Jennie Magiera

Explain Everything Advisor Greg Kulowiec

Greg Kulowiec

Explain Everything Advisor Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards

Explain Everything Advisor Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Explain Everything Advisor Serhat Gurgun

Serhat Gürgün

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