Explain Everything as a Tool for Formative Assessment

Define strategies, set goals, provide feedback, and see how learning happens in Explain Everything.

Draw, sketch, record, and share visual thinking.

Look beyond the end result and see the whole story. From short assignments to longer presentations, Explain Everything is where thinking becomes visible.

Get the full picture.

Gain more insight into students’ understanding of a subject. Allow students to record themselves working through a problem and access their thought process at your fingertips.

Easily share videos.

Integrate your cloud storage or use Explain Drive so that you and your students can share videos and assignments in little to no time.

Be active and enhance understanding.

Use Explain Everything’s collaboration and have your audience directly interact with your whiteboard to give you a better overview of their understanding.


“From a teacher’s perspective, I could rewatch presentations, review them with the lab group, and have students post them on our Good Community to garner peer feedback.”

Chris Nauss, teacher at Community High School District 99

Watch how learning happens and help students see goals clearly.

Evaluate and get better understanding of how students work and help them define their everyday goals. With Explain Everything, students can create interactive projects and videos which serve as their learning artifacts.

Let students show their thinking.

Students can quickly create video summaries in which they can present the most important things they learned and what questions they may still have.

Encourage learning ownership.

Allow students to see and hear themselves with easy-to-make videos. Explain Everything helps them assess and reflect on how they are reaching a learning goal.

Provide media-rich feedback.

Provide in-depth guidance by sending video feedback. Annotate and narrate over any document, media, or presentation on a recordable whiteboard.


“Explain Everything empowers students to work creatively and independently, whilst enabling teachers to assess each student as an individual”

Felix Kolewe, teacher at Villa Wewersbusch

Make learning strategies visual for better classroom assessment.

Quickly execute formative assessment strategies. Create activity templates, easy-to-access projects, or invite students to a collaborative space so they can visually and audibly express their understanding.

Collaborate on a learning wall.

Show the learning goals and milestones. Let students reflect and share where they currently are by moving their photo to the appropriate spot where they find themselves.


Improve student communication by pairing them on a collaborative whiteboard. Allow them to meet, solve, and present their thinking visually.

One minute video essay.

Ask students to respond to a question with a video essay created in one minute for a quick check for understanding.


“I see the role of educational technology not for trying to depersonalize and create this data points but rather to strengthen relationships between teachers and learners and just all sorts of people.”

Reshan Richards at TEDxNYED

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