April 6th, 2021 by Anastasia Procner

Showbie and Explain Everything – taking the full classroom experience digital

Explain Everything and Showbie

This last year has been a challenge, and nobody knows this better than teachers – with countless schools being forced to go online almost overnight, the question of how to make sure that at least school life went on as usual was a top priority. And so the search for the right software began. 

Showbie and Explain Everything are excited and proud to be able to meet this moment and offer schools and district leaders a software combo that is a true end-to-end solution. Used together, Showbie and Explain Everything let teachers seamlessly provide instruction and personalized feedback, and just as importantly – work on projects together with their students in real time, no matter the distance.

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Here’s a little sneak peek:

Learn how to use Explain Everything and Showbie together

The benefits of using Showbie and Explain Everything in tandem are many, but we’ve decided to concentrate on two main use cases:

Are you ready to see how to use these two apps to take your remote teaching up a notch and make your life that much easier? Hop on for the ride!

Record and share explainer videos

It’s never been easier to share explainer videos with your students! After recording their video and editing videos to their liking using the Timeline, teachers can create a Web Video Link and share it with their class in seconds. Students can then tap play and watch the video without ever leaving the Showbie app, or tap the link and open it in Explain Everything…and then add their own two cents!

Start recording videos in Explain Everything whiteboard

Share your video with others

And it doesn’t just work one way, either! Showbie and Explain Everything make it super easy for students to make their own videos demonstrating their understanding of a topic and then share them with their teachers for assessment.

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Conduct a remote collaborative lesson

At Explain Everything, we’ve always believed that distance should not mean we cannot be together. Using Explain Everything Whiteboard in tandem with Showbie, it is impressively easy to create and share a collaborative project with the whole class that everyone can work on together in real time. The Explain Everything canvas allows for true self-expression in its every form, from audio and video recordings, to doodles and handwritten notes, to the plethora of media types that can be added with just a couple of taps. 

Collaborate with others on one whiteboard

Showbie and Explain Everything also make it simpler than ever to invite individual students who need a bit more help to a one-to-one whiteboard tutoring session. Group assignments? Teachers can create project templates and then share them with multiple student groups to work on and present their findings and conclusions later on. Whatever your class’ or school’s needs, the Showbie and Explain Everything combo is as close as you can get to in-classroom instruction and interactions.

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Once again, if you want to see how all of these scenarios can be brought to life step by step, sign up to get access to the video guides and dedicated white paper. We promise it will be worth it!

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