September 1st, 2023 by Angélique Toque

6 benefits of Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom

interactive whiteboard for the classroom

Embracing interactive whiteboards in your classroom for the upcoming 2023/2024 back-to-school season can offer myriad benefits to enhance teaching and learning. Here are six compelling teaching scenarios and reasons why you should consider integrating interactive whiteboard in the classroom:

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Share your whiteboard presentation using a panel or projector for better engagement 

Technology brings a lot of new opportunities to improve student engagement and increase the effects of their learning. With Explain Everything Whiteboard you can easily present your whiteboard project to your classroom using a panel or projector. This is also a great opportunity to mix and match different media, like photos, videos and audio files to enrich the experience and keep students invested in the material.

Interactive whiteboard for small group collaboration to enhance teamwork skills 

Bring lessons to life by allowing students to physically interact with content. Create a group collaboration project, and allow your students to work on a particular task or assignment together. With Explain Everything, they can easily drag, drop, write on and manipulate objects, making abstract concepts tangible to them. Group projects are perfect as homework assignments, too. To make things easier, Explain Everything works both online and offline and syncs across all major platforms and devices. 

Digitize existing resources like PowerPoint presentations, Google Slides or PDF worksheets – and forget about printing all your materials

There is a common misconception about digital learning, and it’s that it changes everything. The truth is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to use technology effectively in your teaching. How about reusing your existing materials, just in a way that makes things easier and more intuitive than ever? Explain Everything allows you to import different kinds of media, like PowerPoints or Google Slides presentation. You can also work on PDFs as you would normally do in the classroom, just without having to make trips to the printer. 

Real-time digital note-taking for better productivity

Real-time digital note-taking is the practice of creating and updating notes in a digital format as information is presented or discussed, often in a live or interactive setting. Digital note-taking is a truly powerful practice that lets complex thoughts be expressed in an accessible, memorable way. Creating them in Explain Everything means you can instantly share them to various channels – again, without having to print up dozens of copies.

And thanks to Explain Everything’s cloud synchronization, users can access and update or edit their notes across different devices.

Record entire lessons for absent students, or to recap

Recording video tutorials and explainer videos is the perfect way to get even more use out of your teaching materials. Imagine everything you say and do being recorded every time you are standing at the chalkboard so students can rewatch the lesson as needed. This is basically what Explain Everything does! 

An interactive whiteboard allows you to record the entire process of explaining ideas, concepts, or assignments, and combine it with your hand written notes, audio and video files, and more. You can also edit the same project multiple times thanks to an advanced editing timeline. True magic. 

Save time by using pre-existing teaching templates, and customize them the way you want 

Free teaching templates can be a teacher’s best friend. We want to help educators across the world save time on material prep so they can focus more on the actual content and delivery rather than formatting. Discover our wide range of activity templates for K12 or Higher Education purposes. 

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If you are still new to digital whiteboard solutions, and you want to just get started with our ready-made templates, now is the time. Create your free Explain Everything account to browse them all and incorporate them right after you finish reading this. You can easily use them on our Web app or all mobile devices. 

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Integrating interactive whiteboard into your classroom can revolutionize the learning journey, making lessons more engaging, interactive, and effective. As you prepare for the new school season, consider the transformative impact that introducing interactive whiteboards can have on both you and your students. And let us help you do it right!