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Creative uses of visual note-taking

Sketchnoting can mean a whole new approach to learning. Find your favourite scenario and then start creating, discovering the potential of visual notes every step of the way.


Start your journey

If you are a visual learner with tons of ideas per minute, the sketchnote and doodling method is for you. Freely organize all your ideas and concepts at any moment, wherever you are. Explain Everything is an all-in-one tool that offers a unique, paperless approach to visual note-taking that will take your creativity to the next level. Discover the power of whiteboard drawing and graphic recording!

Draw to express your thoughts

Sketchnote to encourage others to build upon each other’s ideas. Lead others with just-in-time created notes for more engaging meetings.

Animate and empower

Take the first step and draw or doodle something using the pen tool. Zoom in and zoom out to add the smallest details. Then, modify colors and use basic shapes or clipart to enhance your drawings. Communicate ideas freely and easily without fear of imperfection.

Whiteboard with graphic recording

Whiteboard recording is a powerful way to capture your entire drawing process. Record your note taking and share it as a video with your students, colleagues or business partners. When you’re done, proudly present it to the world. It’s that simple.

Learn to sketchnote without skills


Explore all of the possibilities with Apple Pencil and Stylus

To have the best drawing experience ever, use your favourite stylus or Apple Pencil and use it to transform your thoughts into clear and easy to understand visuals. It’s almost magic!

Sketchnotes on an iPad with Apple Pencil

Get the full experience on your iPad, Chromebook, or favourite tablet


Who is visual note-taking for?

Research says that sketchnoting and doodling aid concentration, decrease stress levels, support abstract thinking and enhance understanding. Integrate sketchnotes to explain specific topics. Improve visual communication by playing with content and illustrating different concepts instead of relying on words alone. The possibilities of an interactive whiteboard are unlimited.

Teachers & Students

Make your lessons more engaging and teach your students how to easily express themselves using visuals and sketchnoting skills. Promote conceptual thinking in problem solving tasks.

Sketchnoting at South Middle School

Professionals and Individuals

Take notes from your meetings, conferences or events. Easily explain and record concepts with whiteboard drawings. Collaborate in real time with colleagues or clients. Spread the news and share it via social media.

Learn how to create sketchnotes for meetings


What can you use sketchnotes and doodling for?

Sketchnoting is defined as a mix of handwriting, drawings, typography, shapes and visual elements. With Explain Everything, you can go far beyond standard visual note taking. Explore the power of graphic facilitation and recording.

“Sketchnoting allows me to capture key information rather than jotting everything down. The multitude of tools available in Explain Everything means adding clipart, images or other media is quick and easy. Great for our visual learners!”

Wihan Neethling, @teachteachersa

Experience the magic of paperless sketchnotes.
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