February 21st, 2018 by Sean

Explain Everything 5.0 is Here!

Explain Everything update

Explain Everything 5.0 with new colors, icons, a redesigned Home Screen, additional sharing options, and animation features is now live in the App Store! Other platforms will follow up with updates shortly!

Everything is Purple

As we announced, the Explain Everything brand has transformed to better represent its character as an effective learning and sharing platform. Without disrupting the creation process we adjusted the experience and look of the app to follow this direction.

Explain Everything app icon

Create, Collaborate on, Join, and Share Projects in a Snap

The Home Screen has been redesigned. It features buttons that bring attention to the core elements of Explain Everything: creating, collaborating, joining, and sharing. This way you can always access them instantly from one spot.

Explain everything home screen

Speaking of places where you can find all that you need, all your projects are now in the Library tab. Here you can manage them and access your cloud projects (and the ones that are shared with you) on Explain Drive.

Wait, Where’s Discover?

Explain Everything Discover is now Explain Drive. Technically, it works the same way as it used to – you can find your cloud projects where they were. With the name change come updated privacy settings in which you can control exactly who sees what. There is also a new Explain Drive player with more options for easier project management.

Explain Everything Drive

Learn and Start Creating

With the new Learn tab you can find ideas, inspiration, and general information about Explain Everything. These resources will help you master the app or simply answer a question that you might have. Check it out whenever you’re stuck or looking for a new idea.

New, Faster Sharing

Share menu is now unified across the app. We’ve added a Web Video Link option, which automatically uploads your project to Explain Drive and generates a link for instant project sharing. For privacy customization use the Explain Drive option.

Collaboration is also now in the Share menu. This way we kept the sharing options combined and made the navigation bar less cluttered.

Share with Explain Everything

Goodies for Project Editing

You now have instant access to the files you use frequently or that you recently added to the canvas. A list of these files is now displayed on the bottom of the Add Media menu.

Add any kind of media with explain everything

Create scrolling animations like parallax effect backgrounds or loop graphics infinitely with the Infinite Scroll. Use Inspector > Edit > Infinite Scroll to enable animation control bars on an object. Swipe on them to make the object animate infinitely in the chosen direction.

Scroll infinitely with Explain everything

Show time lapses or fast forward through you recording with the new playback speed control. Press Play, tap on the speed amount and change it anytime.

Exciting Updates for Classic

Explain Everything Classic is now Explain Everything Whiteboard. It’s received a new look, and new features previously only available under subscription. You can now enjoy a full range of tools like the Ruler, Bucket Fill, Pencil Draw Tool style, Cutout Tool, Clipart Library, the ability to export a part of the timeline as a gif, and more!

Explain Whiteboard Icon

If you have any questions or concerns, please use our support form on our website, in the app, or by emailing support@explaineverything.com. We will gladly help you! And if you have Explain Everything downloaded already, please leave a review and a rating — it really helps us grow. Thank you!