Explain Everything supports learning experiences and educational practices for over 5 million teachers and students in schools all over the world

Teachers are using Explain Everything for both live and video-based instructional delivery. They prepare materials in advance or start from a blank canvas. Teachers also create projects and activity templates that are shared with students to work and build upon.

Students are creating rich artifacts of understanding with Explain Everything. Screencasts and other content created with Explain Everything become multimedia representations that can capture both the process and product of a learning experience. Students are creating tutorials, animations, and presentations — sharing ideas and becoming “teachers” themselves. They are working with project activities, collaborating in real-time, and sharing and publishing their work.

Explain Everything fits into any teaching and learning environment, with a variety of import and export integrations and connections including popular services like Google Apps for Education, iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and more. Explain Everything comes with its own cloud-based sharing platform as well. Leverage the open sharing community on Explain Everything Discover to get inspired, to download and remix public projects, and to let others access your creations with a single link.

Explain Everything Discover also allows private, closed-community sharing within a group or institution.

Examples of projects shared by teachers and students


Live Instruction

Teachers prepare materials in projects such as this one or start with a blank canvas in a live instructional setting.


Video-Based Instruction

This project shows a teacher using animation and narration in an instructional video about chemical reactions.


Project Activity Templates

Teachers create activities such as labeling puzzles for students to interact with on their own devices.


Quick Captures

Students quickly capture and share their work, like in this example by Ethan and Jasmine.


Tutorials and Explanations

This student group has created a video about the chemical element Au – gold.


Working with templates

When a teacher shares an Explain Everything project template, students can quickly record themselves interacting with it.