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The best online whiteboard for recording videos and real-time collaboration.

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Explain Everything received an Apple's App of the Year award in 2020 in the Trend of the Year: Helpfulness category

All in one tool
collaborative whiteboard platform

Present, record videos, and collaborate – all in your browser,
or using your favourite platform!

Explain Everything on a tablet and in a browser

Invite anyone and collaborate. Add drawings, images, videos, PDFs and documents. Annotate and record everything. Share your ideas as an interactive Explain Everything project or as a video. Connect people with Explain Everything’s online whiteboard for teams and see ideas click into place.

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The best whiteboard
for teaching since 2011

Explain Everything online whiteboard helps schools, universities and companies build understanding effectively using whiteboarding videos and collaborative interactive materials.

Everything you need to teach with a web whiteboard

Record instructional videos and tutorials
Highlight, annotate, demonstrate. Work on PDFs or other documents and record everything you do. Help others follow along by sending rich video instructions or feedback.

Collaboratively engage your audience
Whether you’re in the same office or part of a distributed team, Explain Everything keeps everyone on the same page.

Broadcast your online whiteboard 
Use whiteboarding software to stay on the same page with your students, team or colleagues. Let others see what you want to show using a whiteboard and any video conferencing solution.

Explain Everything
Online Whiteboard 


✅  Recording videos and instructions

✅  Remote meetings & brainstorming

✅  Visual & interactive presentations

✅  Collaborative projects with teams and groups

✅  Online Education – learning and teaching

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