July 8th, 2020 by Explain Everything Team

Just around the corner. More control in collaborations and a new camera

In just about a couple weeks, Explain Everything will improve significantly. You’ll gain the ability to moderate your collaborations with confidence and better control what gets recorded in your video. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming.

In January we shared some of Explain Everything’s plans for 2020 with you. While none of us expected the sudden turn this year took, it only proved how vital these changes are for the needs of the modern learning environment.

Today we’re ready to announce Explain Everything will receive new collaboration controls and a new camera in just a couple of weeks. These changes aim to bring you more confidence and control over how you reach your audience, regardless if you’re online or off.

Follow me – guide and control collaborations

Remote learning environments require tools that let you moderate, lead, and engage your audience. The new Explain Everything vastly expands your ability to do so.

As an owner of a project you’ll now be able to control what participants see and their ability to interact with your project. Here’s what you can expect in the upgraded collaboration experience:

  • Guide – participants follow you and see what you see by default.
  • Engage – toggle participants’ ability to unfollow you to let them work independently.
  • Follow – if enabled, participants can choose who they want to follow.
  • Focus attention –gather participants and make them follow you with a single button.
  • Appoint – make all participants follow the selected person.
  • Control – toggle the use of voice chat and audio recording.

You will be able to set all this separately on the fly or with instant preset scenarios.

Simplified Zoom and new camera

Easy video creation is the single most popular use of Explain Everything. As the platform develops, we plan to expand your ability to record videos the way you want. With this update, we’re taking the first step towards a more precise video-making environment. We’re simplifying it on the surface while giving you more in-depth options to use when you need them.

  • Simple Zoom – we’re reducing the interface clutter by waving goodbye to the Stealth Mode, reset button, and Zoom lock toggle. All these options have been redesigned or moved to other areas of the app.
  • Quick Zoom In and Out – selecting an object twice with the Zoom active will now smoothly zoom in on this object. Do it again to reset the Zoom to a level where all objects are visible.
  • New Camera Frame –by default, camera guides will not be visible. You’ll now be able to toggle the Camera button on the Control Bar to display an independent and moveable camera frame. This will give you the ability to control which part of your project gets recorded while giving you access to all other tools.
  • Precise Frame Control – camera Frame will feature Precise mode. You’ll be able to set and control the camera size, depth, position, and movement with it.

Sounds like a lot? No worries, it’s easier than ever. We’ll cover the changes in-depth right after the launch. Stay tuned, it’s just around the corner.

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