March 25th, 2019 by Sean

Four Benefits of Giving Visual Feedback

Giving and receiving feedback has changed significantly since the reign of the red pen in days past. But no longer does feedback need to be static and one sided. Technology has given us hundreds of new ways to describe what a student, peer, or coworker has done right and wrong as well as what can be improved.

With all of these new ways to give visual feedback, why make the jump? Well with classroom sizes growing and workloads increasing, this leaves less time for traditional face-to-face sessions that provided personalized feedback. Getting back to having that personal touch in the office or classroom can mean a lot to students and co-workers alike.

We’re going to look at four benefits of giving visual feedback using an online whiteboard.


Having a huge backlog of items that need your feedback is frustrating. But taking your feedback visual can truly save time. Whatever the item is that needs feedback, simply add it to your whiteboard’s canvas, tap record, and give your feedback! Documents, slides, videos, and audio recordings can all be recorded and annotated on.

Don’t feel comfortable recording your feedback? No problem. Just add your comments via writing or text and add images or clipart to clarify your point.

Value and clarity

Feedback is inherently valuable, but less so if your audience doesn’t fully understand it. Being able to record your thoughts or at the very least use visuals and text to illustrate your points adds clarity and value for your audience. Seeing the thinking process from start to finish can illuminate not only your overall point, but how you arrived at it. This gives your audience a greater understanding of why they need to change something, not just that they need to change it.

Adding an additional layer of understanding can decrease the amount of questions you need to answer about your feedback. This saves time and adds value!

Share using online whiteboards


Easily getting your visual feedback to your audience is key. You don’t want to add a bit of frustration in the last step of your process! Having the ease of Web Video Links and the flexibility of using third party cloud sharing makes it simple to get your feedback in front of your audience. It’s even possible to simply download your feedback as a video or pdf and send that anyway you see fit whether it be Youtube, Vimeo, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

An even better option is sharing the entire project you’ve created and making it available for download. Then your students or coworkers can download your feedback project and make their own notes on it, which leads us to the final point!

Ongoing feedback sessions

Feedback doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t!) come to a halt once it’s dispensed. The true value of using an online whiteboard to give visual feedback comes with the ability to create ongoing feedback sessions. This means that once you create your project and share it with your audience, they can join the project, view your feedback, and respond! This allows for the further development of ideas and concepts with your direction. Ongoing sessions can be done both in real-time and asynchronously using cloud collaboration.  

Looking at how these benefits help both you and your audience, why not get started now?