Make your Feedback Effective with Explain Everything

Give and receive feedback with your students to promote their deeper thinking and self-awareness.

Feedback Strategies

Increase student engagement with whiteboard-supported feedback.


Deliver feedback promptly to help clarify points your students don’t understand.


Indicate areas of improvement so that they can make revisions based on your whiteboard-supported feedback.

Beyond the red pen

Provide and capture your annotations and feedback. Not something a red pen can do.


Personalize content to make your students feel like they are in the same room with you.


“Feedback is inherently valuable, but less so if your audience doesn’t fully understand it. “

Four Benefits of Giving Visual Feedback

Student Feedback


Effectively demonstrate, articulate, and explain key points clearly and minimize potential misunderstandings with whiteboard recording.


Go beyond written feedback. Students can watch and listen to their teacher’s suggestions as an alternative to reading written instructions.


“I found that using this technique has made me far more efficient. The process goes more quickly than by hand, so students receive feedback sooner.”

Janet Neyer

Giving Feedback with Explain Everything

Feedback for teachers from students

During an assignment

Ask students not only to present results, but also to explain their thinking. Encourage students to talk while showing their work and to record their process of solving tasks.

Acting upon feedback

Ask students to reflect upon your feedback. Let them extend your recorded suggestions by adding their response and, if helpful, keep this dialog going until it’s all clear.

Advantages of Explain Everything in multimodal feedback


Annotate on top of existing materials while talking about them.


Write or type comments and provide audio narration all while recording video.


Share videos with students. They can replay them anytime, anywhere using mobile devices and computers.


Students feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information? Help them enhance their capacity for independent learning with engaging video feedback.


“Consistent with previous research findings (…), the results of this study suggest that using technology to provide feedback can further enhance learners’ performance by promoting deeper learning and higher order thinking, and by increasing students’ self-regulated learning.”

Misty So-Sum WAI-COOK

What Can Students Gain From Online Multimodal Feedback?

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