March 4th, 2022 by Marianna Chade

Explain Everything whiteboard for science and math lessons – tools and examples

science and math lessons with digital whiteboard

Science and math lessons can be made so much easier and more digestible thanks to edtech. And this applies to every teaching model, not just the remote one. Find out why digital whiteboards can improve math learning and which Explain Everything whiteboard tools are perfect for math and science lessons, and then dig into some real-life examples!

The benefits of using digital whiteboard for science classroom

Teaching science is challenging enough. Getting students proficient in scientific concepts requires a lot of showing and a lot of practicing. Giving science and math lessons using a plain physical whiteboard and a pen is quite hard and also quite time-consuming.

Digital whiteboards with the right tools and features can help you:

  • Organize, store and produce learning materials. You can digitize any textbook, and use its content on a digital whiteboard to diversify your examples and practice.
  • Engage students better thanks to its interactivity and collaboration features. Use multimedia to add more representations to your explanations, i.e. a short video of chemical reactions.
  • Save time, space and physical materials, as you can reuse templates, digitize most of the learning content you need for your lessons, and make use of the infinite working space a digital whiteboard offers.
  • Have your students practice under the eye of you, their teacher, and simultaneously and without them having to walk over to a chalkboard or whiteboard. Plus, more students can practice at the same time while you keep an eye on everyone and correct them as needed.
  • Reuse your materials and examples – you can always come back to what you draw or write at the beginning of your class, as the digital whiteboard allows you to keep all your notes. Say goodbye to the limited space of a physical whiteboard or chalkboard that forces you to erase an equation to make room for a new one.
  • Utilize more ways to represent an idea/problem, which supports the learning process. Take advantage of the capabilities of the Explain Everything whiteboard and use visual metaphors, mix verbal and visual cues, draw and collaborate.
  • Give your science lessons without needing to turn your back to your students. Digital whiteboards’ broadcasting feature allows you to project everything you do to external devices, whether it’s a TV, an OHP screen, or your students’ tablets or computers.
  • Run your science classroom remotely or the hybrid model. A digital whiteboard is the one and only online tool that can cover for a physical whiteboard or a chalkboard wherever there is a need. And it offers so many more opportunities for interesting science and math lessons!

Take a look at this science lesson example (in this case, it’s physics) with the Explain Everything whiteboard:

source: High school physics lessons with a digital whiteboard – by Jacob Bowman

And hear about the benefits of creating your own materials:

source: Brains and Behavior – intricate explainer videos with Monica Thieu

The best features of Explain Everything for math and science lessons | Examples

The Explain Everything digital whiteboard is packed with useful features that can transform your instruction into highly engaging and effective teaching. Here are the best science and math tools:

Infinite canvas space for the science classroom

Imagine an endless space for your explanations, equations, drawings and calculations. With the Explain Everything whiteboard you don’t have to ever worry about needing to constantly erase what you’ve written or your long equations or formulas not fitting. And you can always come back to something you were writing or drawing before, too. An added benefit is that your students don’t have to focus on making notes, but rather on your explanations, as you can easily save and share everything with them later. 

Check out how useful the infinite canvas can be for science lessons:

source: High school physics lessons with a digital whiteboard – by Jacob Bowman

💡 Good to know!

Find out how you can move, scale and rotate on the canvas.

Better science lessons with the Draw and Highlighter Tools

Scribbling, drawing, writing, highlighting, sketching – all of these things are possible with the Explain Everything whiteboard. Pick a color, choose your pen or a pencil, or just use the Highlighter Tool to underline something. And you’re not limited to any specific type of board, colors or tools – you can use them all!

Take a look how you can use the Draw and Highlighter Tools for your science lessons:

source: High school physics lessons with a digital whiteboard – by Jacob Bowman

💡 Good to know!

Find out how you can draw, annotate and higlight.

Add Media to your biology, physics or math lessons

Mixing media gives you the amazing ability to utilize different representations of a problem. You can enrich your science classroom with not only images, documents, gifs or videos, but also with 3D models, which can be extra useful when teaching geometry, biology and physics, too. 

Take a look at this example of a student practicing with the Explain Everything whiteboard:

One of the most useful features in the Explain Everything whiteboard that you can use for science and math lessons is adding documents to your digital courses. You can take a picture of a manual and add it, scan documents, import your favorite pdfs to the interactive whiteboard for students to fill out, and much more!

Here’s an example:

Adding a live (!) web browser to your digital whiteboard lessons is also perfect for science and math classes by allowing you to pull up resources like Wikipedia, Geogebra or Khan Academy anytime you need more content.

💡 Good to know!

Find out how you can add media to your math and science lessons.

The Cutout Tool to duplicate objects 

The Explain Everything whiteboard lets you quickly copy-paste any object on your canvas. The Cutout Tool can be especially useful for your math and science lessons whenever you need to add more examples of, say, multiplication problems, repeat calculations or just produce learning materials with recycled objects.

Here’s how the Cut out Tool works:

💡 Good to know!

Learn more more about the Cut out Tool.

Background options for better science lessons

Turn your whiteboard into a blackboard or choose from a selection of graph backgrounds for easier line drawings.

source: High school physics lessons with a digital whiteboard – by Jacob Bowman

💡 Good to know!

Learn how to change a background.

The Text Tool and Sticky Notes for clear instructions and messages

Don’t worry about your handwriting, you can always just type anything you want to add to your lesson. This means that every single one of your students will be able to read the content of a homework or assignment. Clear instructions are extra important when it comes to science and math lessons.

Add colorful Sticky Notes to highlight information, give feedback or leave a message for a student:

source: Teaching math with digital whiteboard videos – George Wienekus story

Recording – a powerful tool for hybrid science and math lessons

Last but not least, recording. This is what makes the Explain Everything whiteboard unique. A recordable canvas gives you the opportunity to create your own video science lessons. You can capture anything you do on the canvas and share it easily with your students. All of the rich editing options make and postproduction a breeze, too, in case you’d like to add a voiceover or other content. Our powerful editing options are perfect if you practice blended learning in your science classroom. 

Here’s an example of how you can take advantage of Explain Everything digital whiteboard’s recording feature:

Learn more about why it’s worth it to create explainer videos for math lessons.

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Learn how to start recording.

Explain Everything is packed with features, and you can use every one of them to enrich your science lessons. Check out them all here.

Math tools in the Explain Everything whiteboard 

Besides the tools that can be useful in any science class, the Explain Everything digital whiteboard offers special math tools, too. Take a look:

Shapes for math lessons

Shapes are definitely useful for math lessons. You can choose from a variety of them, including: triangles, squares, rectangles and trapezoids.

Take a look at the new the Explain Everything whiteboard shapes:

💡 Good to know!

Learn how create shapes and lines.

Equations in the Add New menu

The Explain Everything whiteboard mobile app has a special math keyboard that you can use to create equations quickly and easily. This can really make your explanations clearer! Learn how to insert and form equations.

Take a look at how the math keyboard in the Explain Everything digital whiteboard works:

Please note that this the old interface version of our app and therefore looks a bit different from what you see on your device.

💡 Good to know!

Equations are not yet supported in the web version of Explain Everything and will not display in projects accessed from a web browser. Equations can be added only in the iOS, iPadOS, Android and Chromebook OS versions of Explain Everything. However, you can always use the Browser feature to add and create some equations.

The Ruler Tool 

In addition to the math tools you can use in the Explain Everything digital whiteboard, there is also a ruler that you can use in the iOS and iPadOS versions of the app.

This useful feature for math lessons is best illustrated here:

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Learn how to use the Ruler.

Templates for science and math lessons

Explain Everything does not only offer users a tool for making interesting math and science lessons, but it also aims to be a source of inspiration and readymade learning materials you can use anytime. Thanks to regular templates library updates, you can count on even more science and math lesson templates being released in the future.

Check out the math and science templates folder.

Go to the folder

View and download this math lesson template:

Get this project

To get the idea how you can use a math lesson template, take a look at this video.

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Read more about the Explain Everything whiteboard templates.

Summary and examples of using the Explain Everything whiteboard for science and math lessons

Teaching math and science subjects with a digital whiteboard is perfect for when you can’t meet your students face to face. Read this article to find out 3 Ways Explain Everything Can Help You Create Your Online Math Lessons.

Here’s how math lessons can look when you use Explain Everything Whiteboard:

Explain Everything Whiteboard’s collaboration feature is also extremely valuable and useful in times of hybrid learning. This is how it can be used for the science classroom:

Take a look at more examples of teaching math, physics, psychology and other science lessons with Explain Everything: