November 28th, 2022 by Angélique Toque

Explain Everything is joining Promethean!

Explain Everything Promethean!

Today we’re announcing that Explain Everything is entering a new era, by merging with Promethean, a leading global education technology company. This has been a long process and we are excited to now share the news with our users, customers, and all of the educators who have supported us for over a decade. 

When we started working on the Explain Everything app ten years ago, our main goal was to be accessible to anyone, anywhere. Thanks to this strategic Promethean merger, we will be able to provide more rapid technology innovation that addresses teaching, learning, and collaboration needs. We strongly believe our shared vision will transform education for the next generations. 

Joining forces with Promethean means we will be able to have a greater impact on the edtech sphere. Our aim is to expand our product and change the way education is incorporated in every single classroom, no matter the distance. This and much more will be possible when working with a top educational leader in the USA and EMEA. 

Many of you have relied on what Explain Everything provides as a teaching tool in the classroom for years,  so we understand that this may come as a bit of a surprise. We assure you, however, that we remain deeply committed to serving you, and will continue to provide you with the best product and the highest level of service. This change won’t create any additional challenges to providing engaging lessons for your students. 

From a user perspective, the Explain Everything app remains the same. You will continue to enjoy full access to our app, as well as to all of your projects and materials. We won’t change the pricing model, either. The free version of Explain Everything will remain free with all of the same great features.

We’d like to note that we’ve made some changes in terms of the Privacy Policy. From now on, Promethean establishes its presence in Poland and it is replacing Explain Everything Sp.z o.o. as the main software owner. Despite this change, we guarantee that both the product and user security will stay the same. The privacy of both EU and United States citizens remains our highest priority.

The Explain Everything team will continue to develop our software to meet your teaching needs. With the Promethean merge, we will in fact be able to achieve crucial milestones faster, so expect some cutting-edge solutions and superior interactive experiences to come to the app as soon as 2023. 

“We’re thrilled to now be part of the Promethean team,” said Reshan Richards, co-founder and chief executive officer at Explain Everything. “Explain Everything’s mission to impact teaching and learning in all settings is in perfect alignment with Promethean’s more than 25 years of education technology leadership. Together, we will continue to provide the most effective interactive learning tools for students and teachers around the world.”

Reshan Richards, CEO & Co-founder
Reshan Richards

We are also looking forward to the Explain Everything Whiteboard integration with Promethean interactive panels that we will be working on during the next months. This powerful solution will enhance engagement in the classroom by giving teachers the possibility to work both on mobile devices and panels simultaneously. 

Thank you for being a part of this vast community of open-minded, inspiring teachers and educators. We all have grown both personally and professionally over the years, and we believe that the best is yet to come. So fasten your seatbelts, and join us on this journey!