May 28th, 2021 by Marianna Chade

Create videos like Sal Khan, win a Wacom One

Khan-like videos, Wacom and Explain Everything

Another month, another exciting collaboration! We’re joining forces with Khan Academy and Wacom as a part of a month-long celebration of the edtech skills you gained this year. This time, you can show off a video you’ve created and win a prize!

The meaning of video lessons in times of remote learning

There’s no doubt that both 2020 and 2021 have been a challenge. If any good has come of all this for educators, it’s the skills that they have gotten the chance to gain. Countless teachers have learned not only how to present knowledge online, but to do it using engaging and effective techniques. One of the best ways to teach remotely asynchronously is to create video lessons and share them with students. Videos can be watched anytime and anywhere, and students can also rewatch lessons if they need a little more time with certain material.

“Creating a clear and engaging video explanation of a complex concept is a great way to demonstrate mastery and to help others understand and love the subject, too.” Sal Khan

Teaching with explainer videos is also perfect in the hybrid school model where some students are physically in the classroom and the rest join remotely. Live recording lessons are a fun way to create educational video material that can be shared with your students and revised anytime.

Do you know how to create a video like Sal Khan himself yet?

Sal Khan, a well-known educator and the founder of Khan Academy can be called the father of educational videos, having proven their importance and effectiveness many times over. One of his main priorities is for people to avoid overcomplicating things. 

A video explanation can be a simple recording of things you’re saying, typing, highlighting and showing – and more often than not, that is perfectly good enough!

Take a look at this example of a simple video explanation 👇

Explain Everything provides lots more options to supercharge your video, but it’s also perfect for creating the simplest of recordings. When you’re ready to show off your own explainer video, you can send it over for a chance to win some prizes

The Khan Academy contest “Make Your Own Khan Video” will last until 28 June.

Khan, Wacom and Explain Everything Webinar – learn how to create a video explanation

If you still feel you need some guidance to record your own lessons, join our webinar! You’ll meet education specialists who will explain everything about recording simple explainer videos and show you best ways to do so.

Thanks to integration with Wacoms’ tablets and pen displays creating video lessons with Explain Everything is as much convenient on the online whiteboard version in a web browser as on a mobile version with a touch screen.

Watch the webinar’s recording now 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

Together with our guests, we will be presenting simple techniques and easy ways to start recording amazing videos using different solutions. Whether you’re back in the classroom or still teaching remotely, this is a great chance to learn something new!

Attending this webinar gives you a chance to win a One by Wacom tablet. There will be a give-away and every participant will be signed up and eligible. Join this special webinar, learn all about explainer videos and get the chance to win a Wacom! 

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