October 24th, 2017 by Sean

Choosing Custom Colors

Custom color theme

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Do you find yourself constantly searching for the perfect color scheme in your projects? What about struggling to match a color from an asset already in your project? It can be frustrating when the colors you’re picturing simply aren’t matching the colors you’re finding. That’s where Explain Everything’s dynamic color picker comes in to bring your idea to life. Not only are you able to drag around an interactive color wheel to find your perfect color, you can also use an eyedropper to get colors from assets, and even use HEX and RGB input fields to define the exact color you’re looking for.

In this Tuesday Tip we’re going to show you how to take advantage of being able to create custom colors in Explain Everything!

What you’ll need:

  • An open Explain Everything project
  • An internet connection
  • An interest in breathing new colorful life into your projects

Step 1

With your fresh Explain Everything project open, we first need to find a color scheme we like. Tap Insert -> Browser. In the search bar type ‘color scheme’ and search. Navigate to Google images and check out the color schemes available! Tap your favorite one to bring up a larger image.

Color palettes in Explain Everything

Step 2

Now that your fancy new color scheme image is open, we’re going to sample the colors. Tap the Draw tool and then the top color picker to open the color menu. In the color menu tap the + sign to open the custom color menu. From here, tap the Eye Dropper and sample the first color from the in-browser color scheme and then tap Done. Your first color is now set!

Raining colors

Pro Tip:

  1. Like the colors of another project you’ve seen? Import the project or bring it up in your browser and sample the colors!

Colors from anywhere

Step 3

Tap the next color picker and follow the directions in step 2 to sample the next color. Repeat this until you have your five custom colors to complete the color scheme. The colors will now be consistent through all of the tools that use the color picker!    

Choose a custom color in Explain Everything

Custom colors using a color scheme gives a great visual identity to your projects and sets them apart.

Happy Explaining!

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