August 25th, 2020 by Marianna Chade

Why no Stealth Mode? Camera and Zoom changes

recording video with a whiteboard

When we invented Explain Everything 9 years ago, the main aim was to give people the ability to easily create whiteboard videos. But we couldn’t stop there, it wasn’t enough. We wanted to bring much more functionalities to our users.

When Explain Everything was launched, it was available only on iPads — now, you can use it on any platform. Although there are some differences between versions, Explain Everything gives users nearly endless possibilities on almost any device. And we’re constantly working on reducing those differences to the minimum.

“Nine years ago the most intended purpose of Explain Everything was whiteboard recording” Reshan

At the time, Explain Everything was already an extremely powerful recordable whiteboard. But we wanted more. And so we started adding layers to it, like the infinite canvas or Stealth Mode, thus making it suitable for collaborations, too. 

This mix of functionalities worked, but it wasn’t entirely clear or in proper order. So we decided to organize and modernize things and make them right.

“While we simplified Zoom, Stealth Mode can still be found among the new collaboration features. We decided to do this refashioning for a better experience.”

Nothing is gone

So, what has really changed? Just recently, we recorded a live webinar where Bart and Cooper demonstrated these changes in practice. You can also read everything about the new Explain Everything on our blog and find out how to use the new Camera in the Help Center article. Here, we will show you the new Zoom Tool and recording options.

“We didn’t take away what was possible before, these changes were introduced to simplify experience and use-cases, and then we threw in some more possibilities for good measure.” Bart

  • The simplest recording mode with the Zoom tool – there’s no need to complicate anything. You can just record the content of the canvas by moving around with the Zoom tool.
  • Control the camera movement – toggle the camera button to see its frame and learn how to move it around or scale it. This will give you more opportunities to create dynamic frames.
  • Detaching the camera for more control over your surroundings –you can detach the camera frame from the Zoom tool so you can see exactly what part of the canvas gets recorded. Use this mode to play with your surroundings while creating your video or animation!
  • More precise camera movement – use the new special mode for full control over the camera frame and no distractions from other tools.

The main difference between the new and old recording modes

The “what you see on the canvas gets recorded” rule is still applicable, and you can still just use the Zoom tool to move and record around your whiteboard. But take a look at how we improved the Camera functions and how you can use them to develop your whiteboard animation and explainer video skills: