December 12th, 2022 by Angélique Toque

Whiteboard app for Mac – a more engaging classroom with a pen tablet

whiteboard app for mac

Looking for a whiteboard app for Mac? You are in the right place! Let your team or group of students collaborate in real-time, by solving and developing ideas, using Explain Everything and XPPen devices!

Digital resources have become an inseparable part of our daily lives when it comes to learning, teaching, and working. If you are wondering how to make a bigger impact on your audience using a whiteboard app for Mac and still stay productive, read on! 

Whiteboard app for Mac, take digital notes with Explain Everything

We all make notes – at work, at school, and just for ourselves. Twenty-first-century tech has supercharged the classic pen-and-paper experience, making it easier than ever for educators, students, and creative professionals to process and express their knowledge, their way. 

Lots of high schools, colleges, and universities choose to provide their students with iPads, while instructors get MacBooks. And that’s precisely the scenario we had in mind when creating our native whiteboard app for Mac. The Explain Everything macOS app brings the best-in-class iOS experience to an even more powerful device. Paired with an XPPen tablet and stylus, it lets educators enjoy the best whiteboard for teaching on their laptops, without making any compromises. 

deco fun tablet for mac

The Deco Fun Tablet and Explain Everything software combination makes teaching that much easier and more effective. Both solutions allow users to enjoy the classic pen-and-paper writing experience while also meeting the needs of modern classrooms and collaborative work. 

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Digital tablet for drawing on Mac

Online whiteboard software for Mac is a powerful solution that – in tandem with a digital tablet – allows you to make handwritten notes and sketchnote your ideas and conclusions. Today let’s focus on the new Deco Fun that can be used in both in-class and in remote teaching scenarios.

How to properly connect your XPPen device to your Macbook?

The Mac computer can be easily connected to external creative devices to support your blended learning. This pen tablet supports 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a 60° tilt function. Whether you are sketching, color painting, designing, or doing other creative work, it’s a great choice for an efficient teaching workflow!

  1. Download Explain Everything for Mac, as your standalone whiteboard for teaching.
  2. Go to the XP-Pen official website and download and install the newest Mac driver for your tablet. 
  3. Connect your XP-Pen to your Macbook.
  4. Go to your “Launchpad” and open “PenTablet”. 
  5. Unlock the Accessibility list by clicking on the padlock icon and then type in your password if needed. Then, make sure “PenTablet_Driver” is checked and close it. 

Whiteboard app for Mac, engage your students with these ideas

Studies show that students engage and accomplish more when they are actively being part of the learning process. There are many solutions to bring creativity into the classroom, but sometimes it can be hard to get started. Whether you run online or in-class lessons, here are some activities to try with your students using our whiteboard software for Mac. 

whiteboard app for mac

Summarizing and note-taking on a whiteboard

Two extremely useful academic skills students can have are summarizing and note-taking. These skills not only structure knowledge but also help students remember crucial parts of the material. Teach your students how to effectively input, delete, or store important information from your classes using Explain Everything. 

Example assignment on a whiteboard app for Mac

  • Insert an article into your whiteboard canvas. Tell your students to read the text, then ask them to create a short note after reading. Make sure they learn to summarize key information and delete trivial material that is not necessary for understanding.   
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Working and annotating on PDFs

Are you a big fan of exercises, printed PDFs, and dedicated learning materials? It could be a challenging task for a teacher to keep all that well-organized in one place. How about putting all your materials on a whiteboard canvas, without having to print up all of the didactic materials you want to use? An online whiteboard saves a lot of time and effort…and trees!

It has never been easier to digitize PDFs and work on them directly  than it is using Explain Everything and a digital pen. Your students can also easily collaborate within groups in a single project. 

Example assignment on a whiteboard app for Mac

  • Open a whiteboard and connect a Pen Tablet. Then, import a PDF from your computer, and share it with your students. Ask the group of students to start making notes by completing tasks from the PDF you’ve uploaded. On a digital whiteboard they can easily erase their notes, so there is always room for improvement. 
Open the Mac app

Recording quality whiteboard videos using the Macbook camera

The purpose of homework can be either practice, preparation or elaboration. Let your students work on their presentation skills by preparing an interactive whiteboard project and explaining a particular problem or topic through using a recorded video!

Students can easily record a whiteboard video of themselves talking about the concepts they’ve learned. Such activities will also help them improve their confidence and speaking skills. 

Example assignment on a whiteboard app for Mac

  • Open a whiteboard. Tell your students to organize some materials on the canvas that are related to the topic. Once done, ask them to record a short video explaining their main topic or concept. They can share the whiteboard video directly to your email or to the Learning Management System you use. 
Open the Mac app

Digital whiteboard for Mac, how to get started?

Teaching and learning have become more complex in recent years. Educators can incorporate different techniques and models of successful instruction using digital tools such as whiteboards, pen tablets, or interactive panels. All of these solutions have positive effects on student learning. If you are looking for the best whiteboard software for Mac, get started with Explain Everything for free, and see magic in action. 

Explain Everything is an award-winning whiteboard for teaching, available as a standalone Web app, and on iOS and Android devices.

Deco Fun is compatible with Android, Chrome OS, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.