August 19th, 2022 by Angélique Toque

Introducing the Explain Everything Mac app. Get it now!

We have some big news. For the first time, we bring you Explain Everything Whiteboard as a native Mac app. For the last 10 years, Explain Everything has been available as an iOS, Android and web app

Since 2010, we’ve helped over 20 million teachers and students across the globe. After over a decade providing the best digital whiteboard solution in the market, we are happy to announce the new Explain Everything Mac appCreate your free account now.

Get Explain Everything for Mac

Explain Everything is more than just a digital whiteboard. It’s a community of creative and passionate individuals who want to make a real impact on EdTech. We’ve spoken with our users, including entire schools and districts, and those conversations have led us to make big product improvements over the past few months. Anything we can do to make the whole experience more accessible and simpler than ever before.

The Explain Everything Mac App 🍎

Our new Mac app is the full-fledged MacOS version of Explain Everything. It’s a huge step towards achieving a seamless user experience across all devices. It also opens up new possibilities to teach and learn in any scenario, both in remote or in-class settings.

Of course, Explain Everything needed to be modified a bit in order to become a regular desktop app, but at its core, it remains the same product loved by millions the world over. 

Explain Everything Mac App

Explain Everything Mac App features 🎉

  • Record videos using the MacBook camera! Its convenient camera angle will make things easier and the final effect that much more eye-catching. 
  • Browse your Explain Everything Drive library on your Mac.
  • Compress videos on your Mac, faster. 
  • Insert documents and work on them from any device simultaneously. Use the Mac keyboard and the Apple Pencil on your iPad at the same time. Magic!

What’s different? 🤔

There are not many differences between the apps, but there is one crucial one! On the Mac app, we’ve changed the sidebar. From now on it will appear on the left side, to make it more intuitive and easier to navigate the desktop app. See the example below! 

explain everything macos

One subscription, on all devices 🥳

Finding your whiteboarding workflow requires experimenting with different solutions, and we want to make that easy from the get-go. You can use Explain Everything on any device, with just one subscription. This seamless connection will support you throughout your work, making both creating and using materials more accessible from the teacher and student perspective. We’ve recently published a new article on our brand new plans. Expect more affordable plans tailored to teacher needs.

Download the newest version of Explain Everything on the Mac Appstore, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.