December 1st, 2020 by Marianna Chade

👩‍🎨 Create interactive online lessons with Explain Everything and Genially

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It is no exaggeration to say that almost every teacher in the world is facing new teaching realities. Engaging students is now harder than ever. But it’s not impossible! Creating interactive lesson materials is a great solution for a remote class, especially in asynchronous learning models.

The current situation requires tons of flexibility on the teacher’s part. One day we are teaching at school, but the next one we may be called to teach 100% online. We need to be ready and offer the best possible experience to our students. Being able to create our own digital materials is like being one step ahead of the game.Rosa Liarte

As you may know, we were recently invited by Genially to host a webinar with them. We also asked Rosa Liarte to join us to discuss and demonstrate creating interactive lessons. You can now watch both, Spanish and English webinars whenever you want or share them with others! Today, we’ve also prepared a blog post where we recap what we covered together with Genially and Rosa Liarte, who is a well-known innovative teacher from Malaga in Spain.

Make your online lessons more interactive

PDFs and static presentations can be “good enough” lesson materials. But they are also infinitely less memorable than video lessons or video presentations, especially those with clickable elements and layers making the content interactive. When students are engaged in the process of displaying information, they learn with less effort. Because it’s fun – it’s almost like a game!

Why is it worth to make online classes more interactive?

  • Interactivity allows students to have an active role in the learning experience.
  • It increases student attention and participation.
  • It adapts to your classroom needs.
  • It improves communication with your students.

But how can you provide interactive educational materials from miles away? Thanks to technology! Creating an interactive lesson that you can send to your students at any time doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, you don’t need any special skills, all you need is Explain Everything and Genially. 🙂 

Take a look at the final version of the interactive lesson created during our #appsmash webinar:

It looks amazing, right? 
Follow the instructions below to create lessons just like it yourself!

1. Create an educational video in Explain Everything

“Videos allow my students to watch and review the content as many times as they need and I save lots of time.” Rosa Liarte

Why can explainer videos be such a help in teaching?

  • Video presentations can be used and shared multiple times in mere moments.
  • Video lessons attract students’ attention and help them memorize materials better.
  • Explainer videos and lecture videos can be amazing tools for building relationships and providing personalized and more complex feedback.
  • Recordings allow teachers and students to explain either instructions or assignments more clearly.
  • Personalized videos enhance student comprehension and elicit discussion.

Find out more why it’s worth it to use educational videos in remote teaching.

So now we know it’s absolutely valuable to create video presentations for a class, either a synchronous or asynchronous one, but how can you do that? With Explain Everything, everyone can produce a simple educational video with collected materials, as you can just record the content while you explain it, or even create more advanced animations.

Let’s see how to create a video lesson with Rosa’s example:

“I came across Explain Everything around 2012, when I decided to start experimenting and recording my classes. That school year I was teaching 4 x 10th grade classes! This means I was repeating the same thing over and over, four times every day. I was close to burnout and I decided to give videos a shot. I tried several applications that were popular back in the day, until one day, I stumbled upon Explain Everything. And it changed the way I teach forever! Explain Everything is essentially an interactive whiteboard that allows me to create video-lessons and edit my videos within the application.” Rosa Liarte

Need more resources about creating instructional videos in Explain Everything? Hop in these:

2. Upload a video to an interactive presentation in Genially

“The perfect tandem comes with Genially, because we can create interactive content and activities that link to my Explain Everything videos.” Rosa

Genially is a content creation tool that teachers around the world use to create interactive presentations and learning resources. There are hundreds of templates available and educators are able to create stunning presentations, infographics, escape rooms, quizzes, interactive images and more! No programming or design skills required. 

You can use Genially to create better presentations and learning materials for both distance learning and in-person classes. Add layers of interactivity and animations to engage your students like never before. Genially also allows you to integrate other applications within your presentation – this means you can have your students watch a video lesson created with Explain Everything, or visit Google Maps without ever leaving the slide!

Sounds amazing, right? Now check out how amazing it can look.

This is how easy it is to insert an educational video into a Genially template and make an interactive lesson!

Are you ready to conquer the world of online education now? 

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