December 2nd, 2020 by Anastasia Procner

Winning Apple’s Trend of 2020 – Leading the Classroom

Explain Everything app store award

Exceptional – we’ve been hearing that word a lot lately, and we can’t say we mind 😀 Explain Everything is definitely proud to have received the exclusive App Store Trend of the Year Award last night…especially that we find ourselves in the company of giants like Disney+ and Zoom! 

Read the App Store Story about Explain Everything.

Yes, receiving this award was incredibly exciting. But at the end of the day, our app is all about people. So today we wanted to take this moment to peek behind the curtain at the people making all this happen, and what makes an app exceptional.

First up, our users

Especially our first users! No app can hope to succeed without early adapters, and ours were a truly special group of people: teachers. As ever, teachers have been a constant and invaluable source of patience, feedback and insight. When we needed direction, they took us by the hand and showed us what they needed to create lesson plans, lectures and videos so amazing that even we were surprised. And when we occasionally strayed off course, they were the compass that helped us get back on track. Long story short, it was teachers who helped Explain Everything become what it is today. We owe these teachers a great deal of our success, and we want you to know we love every one of you!

Take a look at our Wall of Love to see all of the cool things teachers have been using Explain Everything Whiteboard for 💜

And this is just one example:

Then there’s the team

The Explain Everything office is a unique mix of talent, talent we’ve put in a tons of work to hone. Explain Everything is more than just engineers — we are architects, developers, creatives, innovators; we are dreamers and doers. Nobody gets everything right from the start, and our growing team has spent the last decade finding our way to this moment. Take a look at the video below to see how Explain Everything has evolved over the years:

So, what makes an app exceptional, then? It’s you, it’s us, it’s teamwork. Thank you for being here for the ride!

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