‘One App to Explain Everything’

– Michelle Reiser

Interactive whiteboard and presentation app

An Interactive Whiteboard and Presentation App

Create, share, and present on any device using Explain Everything Interactive
Whiteboard. Use real-time collaboration, a cloud sharing portal, infinite canvas and a
wide range of tools to present your ideas and express your creativity.

Draw and annotate with the many color picker colors

Draw and Annotate

Create quick drawings and sketchnotes with the pen and pencil tool. Access the full range of colors with the Color Picker.

Insert multiple kinds of files that you can then annotate on.

Import Images, Videos, and Files

Connect to a wide variety of cloud sources and insert multiple file types such as images, videos, PDFs, docs, keynotes, and more. Annotate your inserted files and use them in your projects.

Create dynamic animations in Explain Everything projects

Move, Interact, Animate

Interact with objects on the canvas and create dynamic animations. Rotate, move, scale, flip, copy, paste, group, and duplicate anything you add to your project.

Record all actions and voice for dynamic presentations

Record Everything

Record your voice, the canvas, and all of your actions to create dynamic and engaging projects. Add voiceovers, capture thoughts, and use the timeline to mix and edit tracks.

Zoom in an out on Explain Everything's infinite canvas

Work Beyond the Frame

Use zoom and pan to take advantage of Explain Everything’s infinite canvas. Zoom out for more workspace or zoom in to add more details. Pan around the stage for dynamic framing and animations.

Add math editor to create complex math equations

Add Text and Math Equations

Format and customize your text by employing a wide range of fonts and colors. You can also adjust the alignment and opacity for added effect. Use the Equation Editor and write complex math formulas in a quick convenient way.

The inspector is used to arrange, lock, delete, and organize content

Adjust the Layout

Use the Inspector to control objects on the canvas. Arrange elements, organize layers, and lock content to keep it in place.

Use the Discover Portal to share, download, and remix projects in the cloud

Discover and Share Cloud Projects

Store your projects in Explain Everything Discover – a cloud-based sharing platform. Let others access your creations with a single link. Watch, download and remix projects made by others.

Create together with Explain Everything's real time collaboration features

Real-time Collaboration

Invite others to your project to brainstorm, problem solve, visualize ideas, and develop concepts across the world in real-time. Use voice chat and talk while you create together.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again @explainevrythng is one of the best apps for students of any age

    Darren Faust‏ ‏

    Darren Faust‏
  • Explain Everything truly is the Swiss Army Knife of the app world. Is there anything it can't do? @explainevrythng

    Paul Adams‏

    Paul Adams‏

Works seamlessly with

Box is seamlessly integrated with Explain Everything
Dropbox is seamlessly integrated with Explain Everything
Google Drive integrates with Explain Everything
Evernote is integrated with Explain Everything

Check out how Explain Everything can be used
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Feature Comparison
Subscription gives access to Explain Everything on all systems
iOS Chrome Windows Android Classic Features
Robust creation and screencasting tools
Real-time collaboration Join as viewer Coming soon Join as viewer Join as viewer
Easy sharing via the Discover portal
Sharing via Dropbox, Google Drive etc.
Cloud MP4 compression
Advanced Drawing Tools (Draw Fill, Freeform Shapes, and more) Bucket Fill
More tools coming soon
Draw Fill
More tools coming soon
Bucket Fill
More tools coming soon
Group Account Configuration Coming soon
Check out a full feature roadmap: Explain Everything Feature Roadmap

Explain Everything is available
for iPads, Chromebooks,
Android and Windows devices.