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An Interactive Whiteboard and Presentation App

Explain Everything combines a best-in-class interactive screencasting whiteboard, real-time local collaboration*, and a content discovery and sharing community for iPad, Chromebook, Android and Windows devices.

“Explain Everything is a presentation app that integrates content from many sources that teachers and teens can use to create lessons, tutorials, and more for class or personal use. This formidable tool is like a superhero version of PowerPoint.”

* currently available on iPad only, coming soon to other platforms

Design, Screen Recording, & Animation

Explain Everything can help to take presentations to a new level.

Create slides using an infinite canvas, use a laser pointer, draw with unlimited color choices, add shapes, text, images, videos, documents, audio files, live web browsers, and more.

Rotate, move, scale, flip, copy, paste, clone, and lock any object added to the stage.

Record everything you do within the app (even yourself when using the front-facing camera) to create high quality, creative, and meaningful content for others to learn from.

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Digital Storytelling

Explain Everything supports digital storytelling and storyboarding with easy content creation and editing tools. You can annotate and animate anything, even videos.

Users can edit projects and objects with flexibility and responsiveness. For example, you can crop out a certain part of a picture to reuse as an animated character or add a photograph from your camera as a background.

Editing a recorded project is easy with a dynamic project timeline.

Real-time Collaboration

Collaborate with other users in real-time.*

Host or join collaborative sessions with complete interactive whiteboard toolset and recording.

Host or join collaborative sessions with Explain Everything’s leading interactive whiteboard and recording toolset.

Enable a view-only mode or enable editing for participants during hosted collaborative sessions.

Allow participants to save copies of collaborative projects on their own devices following a hosted session.

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*currently available for iPad only, coming soon to other platforms

Import and export

Import many common file types including PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS, RTF, TXT, HTML, KEYNOTE, PAGES, NUMBERS, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, MP4, MOV, MP3, M4A, WAV, AAC and more.

Prepare lessons, tutorials, guides, and activities of any kind and share them as videos, PDF, images, or projects to any destination including Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, our own Explain Everything Discover, and more.

Publish on the Discover portal

Share your projects on our portal, Explain Everything Discover. Get inspired by other users’ creativity, download and remix shared content, and host your own projects.

Projects exported to Explain Everything Discover are stored both as a project (.explain) and as a movie (.MP4) for easy playback, downloading, editing, and sharing.

You can share your projects using short links (example: and using a CODE which can be entered directly in the app or on Explain Everything Discover.

Explain Everything Discover is a portal and community to showcase projects made with our app.

You can download, share, and remix publicly shared project to create your own content.

Inspire and be inspired.

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