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We are a team of innovators, artists, learners, and leaders dedicated to developing creativity-inspiring technologies.

Founded in 2011

with offices in New York and Wrocław, Poland
KOKOA certificate 2018 for Explain Everything


by the Kokoa Educational Standard 2017

Used in 40+ Countries

around the world and translated into 14 different languages


Explain Everything is the fastest growing interactive whiteboard platform on the market and has been recognized for its excellence in the field by over a dozen organizations.

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Explain Everything was founded by a group of innovators with the goal of reinventing the way people communicate.

Reshan Richards

Chief Executive Officer
& Co-founder

Bartosz Gonczarek

Senior Director
& Co-founder

Piotr Śliwiński

Senior Director
& Co-founder

Bolesław Harok

Bolesław Harok

Executive Director

Basia Mróz

Barbara Mroz

Head of Finance

Anna Borowska

Anna Borowska

Head of Sales

Piotr Pluta

Piotr Pluta

Head of Product Experience

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What people are saying

I’ve been experimenting with the #digitallearningtool Explain Everything to use for collaborating and communicating with the AP Calc and Algebra students that I tutor. So far I’ve been impressed with our results! @explainevrythng

Love how sleek @explainevrythng is! Created some presentations with my class today (they loved using the light sabers to point out things on screen!) and they were able to make them so engaging with very little confusion. Next step is to start collaborating!

@explainevrythng can Do Anything!!!! Oh!! And so can your students!! Way to get that Enduring Understanding!!! They will never forget!! @eason4th twitter.com/eason4th/statu…

Students used the @explainevrythng app to write their phonics words of the week, underline the vowels sounds and record themselves reading the words correctly. Then they posted their videos on Google Classroom. I’m so impressed with their work!

Thank you @explainevrythng for revolutionizing how children especially our youngest ones, can share and document their understandings of the world around them, honoring their discoveries and thinking! #edchat #ReggioInspired #document #deeperlearning #collaboration #voice twitter.com/explainevrythn…

Finally learned how easy it is to #sketchnote in @explainevrythng thanks to @HeckAwesome and @dladenburger. Love that you can put one idea per slide and then merge at the end! #SketchISTE #iste18 #EveryoneCanCreate #323learns