Explain Everything in 2021: What’s coming? 🌟

Distance teaching and virtual meetings have become an inherent part of our lives in 2020. We have all incorporated technology into practically every aspect of our activities, trying to make the most of things. We’ve seen increased engagement in video lectures and collaborative sessions throughout the past year.

This time we want to share what we have learned, and what changes we plan to implement in 2021 to make your whiteboarding workflow even more effective and productive. Join our live session together with Piotr, our Head of Product, and Anastasia to learn more about upcoming news and platform improvements. 😊

Things you will learn:

The biggest changes in 2020

Main goals for 2021

New export options

Custom Interface Improvements

MLS Integrations

Web Editor and Desktop Experience + new languages

Featured Speakers:

Piotr Pluta

Head of Product at Explain Everything

Anastasia Procner

Online Instruction Specialist