Marla Menchaca EdTech Talks

EdTech Talks Podcast, Episode 4: Videos (on) matter

Can something as physical as biology itself be taught remotely? Marla Menchaca, veteran high school biology teacher from Texas, has been utilizing the power of explainer videos to support her flipped classroom for years. Biology can get pretty complex, but Marla has found the perfect way to use the edtech her school provided to make sure everyone can keep up at their own pace. And recently, she joined our Online Instruction Specialist, Anastasia, to tell us about it.

“Just slides with audio over them didn’t allow us a lot of creativity so we could show students how to do things. With Explain Everything, we can customize for all of our students.”

Watch the fourth episode of our Edtech Talks with Explain Everything Podcast at your convenience to find out how you can:

  • Create multi-modal, reusable video materials for the flipped classroom
  • Engage your students with explainer videos tailored specifically to their needs
  • Utilize the Explain Everything and EdPuzzle integration for even more engagement
  • Leverage the power of rewatchable materials to help non-native English speakers

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Featured Speakers:

Marla Menchaca

Veteran high school biology teacher

Anastasia Procner

Online Instruction Specialist, Host