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EdTech Talks Podcast, Episode 3: Doing Digital Transformation Right

How can you turn six tablets into hundreds? And are tablets alone enough to truly transform a school? No one could better answer these questions than Australian tech coach Suzanne Paisarn. Originally an English teacher, Suzanne decided to dust off the few iPads she found in a storage cabinet and step up her lesson game. Before long, the level of student engagement in her class had other teachers asking how she did it – fast forward a few years, and she is her school’s Technology Coach

“It’s so cool when you walk into a room, and the kids have headphones on and they’re deep in conversation even when there’s no one beside them. They’re so intent on what they’re doing. And that’s really a future skill, isn’t it? That’s how they’re going to work.”

– Suzanne Paisarn

Watch the third episode of our Edtech Talks Podcast with Explain Everything at your convenience to find out how schools can:

  • Use technology to develop learning ownership and intrinsic motivation
  • Create a shared template library to help faculty save time and paper
  • Engage children in creating knowledge…instead of memorizing it
  • Assign creative projects students can truly get excited about

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Featured Speakers:

Suzanne Paisarn

School Technology Coach

Anastasia Procner

Online Instruction Specialist, Host