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EdTech Talks Podcast, Episode 2 Chemistry: Lab Experiments Anywhere

Do students learning remotely have to miss out on the fun of lab experiments? Pat Kalmi, veteran high school chemistry teacher from Minnesota, says no! Pat taught himself to make explainer videos in 2014, and he has since made dozens of them for all of the grades he teaches.

Now, he is joining our host Anastasia to talk about what motivated him to start and how he has honed his skills over the years. And of course share some of the wisdom he picked up along the way!

“Using EdPuzzle and Explain Everything let me teach and ask questions almost like I was right there in front of my students.”

– Pat Kalmi

Watch the second episode of our Edtech Talks Podcast with Explain Everything at your convenience to find out how you can:

  • Utilize video materials to keep students in the loop in any learning model.
  • Create a library of editable, reusable and shareable explainer videos.
  • Engage your students in lab experiments, no matter the distance!

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Featured Speakers:

Patrick Kalmi

Veteran high school chemistry teacher from Minnesota

Anastasia Procner

Online Instruction Specialist, Host