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EdTech Talks Podcast, Episode 1 Neuropsychology: Brains and Behavior

How would you go about explaining the nervous system’s impact on who we are?

Monica Thieu is a PhD student of psychology and assistant teacher at Columbia University, and she is also a huge fan of visual learning. When teaching, she likes to supplement course textbooks with eye-catching explainer videos that she creates herself using Explain Everything Whiteboard. And you can find out how and why!

“Really well produced video goes a really long way…sometimes watching something that’s been pre-recorded is actually going to be better than a live experience.”

– Monica Thieu

Watch the first episode of EdTech Talks with Explain Everything at your convenience and see how Monica uses the digital whiteboard to:

  • Tailor her explanations of brain structure to her students’ learning styles.
  • Record engaging, reusable materials on complex subjects.
  • Support her neuropsychology lectures with colorful video content.

Featured Speakers:

Monica Thieu

PhD student of psychology at Columbia University

Anastasia Procner

Online Instruction Specialist, Host