Great Visual Presentations with Explain Everything

Replace your static whiteboard with an online whiteboard suited for your dynamic class.

The online whiteboard for in-classroom teaching.

Lead your class with a flexible interactive tool. Add documents, images, video, audio and more to your lesson plans to engage all styles of learning.  

Teaching, untethered.

No more being stuck at the board! Engage your students while walking around the class with whiteboard in hand.

Edit on the fly.

Add answers to questions or extended explanations during your lesson. Better yet, have your students collaborate and add their questions as you go!

Share and share alike.

Once your lesson is finished, share it with the whole class so they can return to it if they have any questions.


“This application has transformed not only how I provide accommodations to students, but also how I create and deliver specially designed instruction and provide opportunities for guided practice to my students.”

Jennifer Hallas, Special Education Teacher at Oldham County Schools

The perfect smartboard alternative.

Explain Everything offers a cost effective powerful alternative to the bulky times of whiteboards past.

Structure without restrictions.

Organize your materials on an infinite canvas and never run out of space.

Up close and personal.

Let your students have a closeup view! They can join in and watch your lesson on any device or collaborate in real-time.

No assembly required.

Forget about purchasing bulky hardware. With Explain Everything, you only need an account and mobile device or browser to get started.


“When we review our lesson on the screen through Explain Everything it makes the students feel important, powerful, and confident. It’s an amazing tool that keeps all my lessons together.”

Cruz N. Ramirez, teacher at Dr. Martha Mead Elementary

Reuse and refresh your materials.

Moving to a new platform does not mean you need to start from scratch. Import your existing materials and give them a major upgrade!

Amp up your slide decks.

Say ‘no’ to boring static presentations. Import your slide decks and utilize Explain Everything’s tools to breathe new life into them.

Review work in a flash.

Students have a question about an assignment? Import the assignment and go over it with them visually!

Your materials at your fingertips.

Import your materials with no hassle. You can integrate your favorite cloud source into Explain Everything.


“Less time spent trying to convert files and more time spent creating new and exciting resources for students.”

One of the main takeways from The Malton School of Science

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