December 5th, 2017 by Sean

Three Ways to Take Advantage of Mix Recording

Tuesday Tips Mix Recroding Mode

Getting to the core of your point can be difficult, especially during a presentation. Under-explaining, over-explaining, leaving things out, and burying the lead are all very easy mistakes to make. With Explain Everything’s Mix recording mode it can be easier to overcome these pitfalls and keep your project’s message crystal clear.

This week we’ll explore three ways to take advantage of the Mix recording mode in Explain Everything!

How to access Mix recording mode:

After creating the first recording press and hold the Record button. A menu will pop up. Tap the Mix option and then to begin recording tap the record button as usual. Now you can layer as many actions on top of each other as you like!

Enable Mix Recording Mode

Now, onto the tips!

1. Record the Laser Pointer

After finishing your initial recording, select the Laser Pointer and prepare to bring your audience’s attention to just where you want it. With Mix recording enabled, tap Record and use the laser pointer to draw their eye to the item you’re discussing. It’s a simple, but powerful way to keep your audience focused!

Mix Recording with Laser Pointer

2. Create an animation

This was well covered in Sam Gleason’s recent guest post, but the ability to add simple animations can make any project pop! It can really help to illustrate a point and bring clarity to your messages. Mix recording makes this easy to accomplish and by following Sam’s instructions, you’ll be animating in no time at all!

Mix Recording Create Animation

3. Add a video

Still feel as though your point isn’t quite coming through or you just found the perfect words to describe it? Simply add a video and record yourself giving your perfectly thought out explanation. With Mix recording enabled, tap on the video at the moment you would like it to begin playing. This will make the video play in your recording!

Mix Recroding Add a Video

Mix recording mode creates many fantastic opportunities to add new elements to your vipresentations!

Happy Explaining!

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