May 29th, 2018 by Sean

Three Tips for Creating a Visual Resume

animated resume

Visuals grab attention. When you’re on the hunt for a job and need to stand above the crowd, how do you do that among a sea of qualified applicants? A visual, animated resume is a fantastic way to get the attention of your potential interviewer, and (even better) your foot in the door for an interview!

This week’s Tuesday Tip will be a little different and will explore using Explain Everything to create a visual resume. Before the tips, take a look at Explain Everything’s own Senior Customer Success Manager Madison Fitzpatrick’s animated resume that opened her door to our company!




What you’ll need

  • Explain Everything
  • A few great pieces of media to add about yourself
  1. Keep it Varied

Take full advantage of Explain Everything’s media flexibility and utilize videos, images, and audio to create a visually interesting take on the traditional resume structure. Let your audience get to know you and your wonderful personality a bit better!

  1. Keep it Moving

A 10-minute long magnum opus of a video might truly summarize your experience and interests, but a potential interviewer is highly unlikely to sit through the entire thing. Keep your videos tight using Explain Everything’s great editing tools, infinite canvas, and multiple slides to get your point across clearly and beautifully in just 2 or 3 minutes.

  1. Tell a Story

Listing off accomplishments is good, telling the story of those accomplishments is better. Use this opportunity to tell an engaging story threading your life and accomplishments together! Record a video of yourself explaining your resume while animating and you can weave a tale that will hold any prospective employer’s attention.

Now it’s your turn! Create a visual resume with Explain Everything and tweet it at us with #tuesdaytips!

Happy Explaining!

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