August 31st, 2018 by Jakub Mastalerz

Templates, Voice Chat, and Pencil now on Android and Chromebooks

Cover for Android and Chromebook update 5.3 – Pencil, Templates, and Voice Chat

Explain Everything version 5.3 for Chromebooks and Android devices is now available. With this update Explain Everything will allow you to communicate while collaborating, help you start your projects faster and bring out your inner artist!

Save time and start with Templates

Templates are the bread and butter of every effective workflow. Why go through the exact same daunting set up process if you can simply do it once and then get to the point with a single tap? The New Project menu now includes 8 essential templates to get you started. You can now also save your projects as templates.

Talk through ideas using the Voice Chat

Take full advantage of online teamwork. Now you can enable the Voice Chat in the collaboration and talk with each other regardless of the distance.

Bring a touch of artistic expression with the Pencil drawing style

The Draw Tool now has an additional drawing style – the Pencil. Featuring a realistic graphite look, the Pencil comes in 4 grades. It also takes advantage of pressure sensitivity and tilt sensors for shading and a natural feel with styluses that support them.

Templates, Voice Chat, and Pencil drawing style are features available in the most recent versions of Explain Everything Collaborate in the App Store and Google Play. An active subscription is necessary in order to use these features. They will be rolling out to other platforms in the near future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact form or by email us directly at We will gladly help you! And if you have Explain Everything downloaded already, please leave a review and a rating — it really helps us grow. Thank you!