May 1st, 2018 by Sean

Split Your Timeline to Edit Your Audio


Sometimes you nail it and sometimes you don’t. For the times that you don’t, Explain Everything has a feature that makes it simple to delete a piece of your audio and try again! The Timeline offers many ways to edit and adjust your recordings, but today we’re only looking at how to split and delete a piece of audio!

This week’s Tuesday Tip will explore splitting and deleting a portion of audio from your timeline.

What you’ll need

  • An Explain Everything project with recorded audio

Step 1

After making a fresh recording or opening a project that contains a recording, tap the time next to the record button to open the Timeline.

Open Timeline

Step 2

With the Timeline open, scroll the playhead to where you would like split your audio. Touch and hold on the Timeline and then tap Split.

Split Timeline audio

Pro Tip

  1. Want to just remove a section of audio? Split your timeline on both sides of the problem area, touch and hold on it, and tap Delete!

Step 3

Now that your Timeline’s audio is split, touch and hold on the split portion and tap Delete.

Delete Timeline Audio

Splitting audio on your Timeline and deleting it is a simple way to fix recording mistakes or unwanted sounds! Start splitting and present audio perfection!

Happy Explaining!

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