May 20th, 2020 by Explain Everything Team

Regan Hackett’s Pro-Grade Explain Everything Whiteboard Setup

It’s the 21st century. Pandemic or no pandemic, having a group of people silently and passively watch someone narrate slides for hours on end should finally become a thing of the past. Time to get with the program!

This article is the third in a series of blog articles we’ll be writing summarizing our 10h livestream on April 1st. Today, we’d like you to meet Regan Hackett.

Regan Hackett is a blockchain technology and cybersecurity expert residing in San Diego, California. An avid visual storyteller, Regan likes to use Explain Everything Whiteboard in tandem with online conferencing software to get his clients engaged in and contributing to the supremely creative ideation process. The infinite canvas of the whiteboard is also perfect for zeroing in on complex details that need special attention. In a time when standing around a flip chart brainstorming is impossible, Regan uses technology to recreate this sort of personal, authentic experience for his clients, no matter the distance. 

It’s the 21st century. Pandemic or no pandemic, having a group of people silently and passively watch someone narrate slides for hours on end should finally become a thing of the past. Time to get with the program!

So let’s take a look at that setup, shall we?

Remote work? Set up like a pro

We imagine you are both impressed and somewhat daunted by the amount of electronic equipment on Regan’s desk, and true, this pro-grade setup will not be for everyone 😉  But if you have already mastered the basics of remote meetings and feel confident enough in your tech skills to take things up a notch — or ten — this article is for you! Read on to find out how Regan uses these devices to transport his clients into a different space entirely.

Regan’s pro-grade setup consists of:

  • a laptop hooked up to a monitor that serves as his primary workstation. You can log into your Explain Everything Whiteboard account on your desktop and then broadcast your whiteboard via your browser; 
  • a tablet to control everything that happens on the canvas, which is especially convenient when drawing using a stylus or Apple pencil; 
  • an older iPad he uses for the chat. This allows him to stay on top of question and comments without taking up space on his whiteboard;
  • an iPhone to transmit his voice and face — Regan prefers to transmit his voice and face using his phone because that’s the device that is the most mobile and can easily be taken with if he needs to go to another room for a moment;
  • an extra monitor for spreadsheets or notes
  • plus a webcam above his head to provide others with a full view of what’s going on and create the best virtual experience!

This all might seem like a lot, but the main idea is the same as always: join the whiteboard session using an existing conferencing tool like Zoom and start explaining! You can use the chat to share the link to your whiteboard with your audience so they can contribute, too. Nothing brings people closer faster than ideating together.

Don’t worry, you can start small

If you’re just getting started and all this has gotten you a little dizzy, remember — Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take a look at these suggestions Regan has for beginners to get started right:

  • Watch some YouTube videos on how to use Explain Everything Whiteboard and take the time to really get familiar with it, especially all of the Add Media options. This will have you making cool videos in no time!
  • Go a little further every time you use Explain Everything Whiteboard, try something new, tinker with a new functionality. Don’t fret about whether or not this is a good use of your time — entrepreneurs, businessmen, creatives and teachers alike are sure to be using their blended learning skills long after this pandemic is over. The world has changed for good.
  • Take your meetings and lessons outdoors! Regan likes to whiteboard from his phone or tablet while paddleboarding (yes, you read that correctly!), so don’t make cramming as much tech as possible into every single meeting a must — a cool breeze rustling through the leaves may do more to get your creative juices flowing than any pricey gizmo ever could. And when it does, Explain Everything Whiteboard will be right there in the palm of your hand!

Do you want to watch Regan’s full half-hour interview? Check it out here: